Our core values

astUtemy, originally called schoolofbookkeeping.com, was created to help owners of accounting and bookkeeping firms become leaders in their field. Later, the company was rebranded and expanded to cover topics for all business owners. Today, astUtemy is one of the leading sources of community and education for business owners of all kinds. Our focus on accounting and bookkeeping continues, as this is important for all business owners. We also dabble a bit in marketing. Ok, we more than dabble, but it’s just because we love it and we’re pretty good at it too.

The company also runs the very popular ABBO Facebook Discussion Group. The company is 100% U.S. based and operated from Santa Barbara, California. Our faculty run their own practices all over the country. Meet our faculty.

Who are we?

We Foster Education

We work tirelessly to create fresh, great content for our members.

We Pursue Excellence

Be great or don’t bother is one of the most important concepts at astUtemy.

We Practice Honesty

Transparency and full disclosure about pricing and who we are is key to our success.

We Create Fun

Sometimes we come to work in our pajamas because you have to love what you do.

Dear members and future members,

We built astUtemy for you, the bookkeeper, accountant, CPA, EA, tax preparer, ProAdvisor, Xero Partner and business owners of all types. QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, we’ve got you covered. Apps, fundamentals, tools, problem solving, answers, you name it, it’s all here. We built it to help you succeed. It’s an incredibly affordable set of tools and resources to get your business booming and help you conquer many of the frustrations we all face as entrepreneurs and business owners. Start a free trial and sample our service. We think you’re going to love it.

Here’s a few facts:

  • Our members stick around, many since the day we started (a few years ago).
  • You can watch every video as often as you wish and take each course, lesson, webinar, workshop over and over again, 24/7, on any device.
  • You can cancel anytime, but we hope you don’t.
  • You will gain access to key industry leaders, discounts, special offers and a community of amazing people that love helping one another.
  • We never stop producing content and we’re passionate about our user interface, the site’s performance and security. We’ll never share or sell your information.
  • Have a question for us, ask away. We make it easy to communicate with us. Just click the support button in the bottom right corner of any page or visit us at support.astutemy.com.
  • Our founders live, work and raise their family in Santa Barbara, California. We work hard at building our dream, while we help others do the same. We love what we do.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to our many members for their years of support.

Never stop learning,
astUtemy Faculty