COOPETITION: How to work with your competitors so everyone wins

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When collaboration and competition collide, beautiful things can happen. This is what we like to refer to as COOPETITION. When you shift your thoughts from thinking everyone is out to steal your business to thinking about how we can work better together, then the magic can start to happen. Have you ever meet someone and you find that you just … Read More

Nurturing Partners and Building Long Standing Relationships

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When Eric Greenspan asked me if I would consider writing an article on how to Nurture Partners and Building Long Standing Relationships my first thought was what the heck I don’t usually write non-technical posts. Why is Eric asking me to write about this topic? Then the more I started thinking about it, that is what our whole Transaction Pro … Read More

How to Use Online Forms to Capture More Sales

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I love finding solutions to improve workflow and make it easier for clients to place an order, request a quote or complete an application. What can you do this year to capture more sales? Forms are one of the most versatile tools to use on your website to leverage capturing sales and lead information online. Are you currently still using … Read More

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Eat Your Own Dogfood – Welcome the digital CPA to team 74 and astUtemy

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Today is a great day. I get to do something I’ve often wished to do. It’s called putting my money where my mouth is and maybe eating my own dog food too! If you know me, I’m not shy. I speak my mind and speak it loud. Today, I share a story of friendship, trust and ability. This story is … Read More

Get Ready for Accounting Automation

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Not too long ago, everyone thought that accountants could be replaced by software, just like the travel agency. Isn’t accounting easy? It’s math and rules after all! If a software company can develop an algorithm for all the “rules” than it should be easy. Isn’t this what Turbo Tax does? Not exactly.  In fact, many accountants actually appreciate TurboTax, as … Read More

How to Properly Tackle Accounts Receivable in the QuickBooks World?

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Let’s talk about Accounts Receivable when using QuickBooks Collecting money for your business can be time consuming. Sending paper statements and waiting for clients to mail in a check is a thing of the past. If you are still using the snail mail method, STOP! Everyone loves collecting payments after a job is completed. You can now collect accounts receivable with automation … Read More

Meet your #ABBOChat Hosts

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The ABBO (Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Business Owners Online) group is on fire! This highly engaged group of accounting professionals and business owners are asking questions and supporting each other in a way we couldn’t have imagined. We launched daily hosts almost a year ago to start conversations about industry topics ranging from Accounting Software, Technology, Marketing, Taxes and more. This … Read More

New Course Announcement – Bookkeeping Fundamentals Presentation Course

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We’re really excited to announce a brand new course with over 138 minutes of presentation video to take you through the important fundamentals of bookkeeping. This is not about a product! This course is about bookkeeping, including: Double Entry Bookkeeping Concepts, Double Entry Bookkeeping Using T Accounts, Preparing a Trial Balance, Income Statements and Balance Sheets and Recording Journal Entries. … Read More

Three Things Merchant Service Companies Don’t Want You To Know about QuickBooks Payments

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We are all quite familiar with QuickBooks software products. Now enter the world of payment processing. It can be daunting with all of the options out there. Everyone wants to get the best rate because who wants to give away their hard earned sales to the bank! As we swim through the sea of information, we attempt to gain knowledge … Read More

Webinar Wednesday Now a Part of astUtemy

Eric GreenspanAccounting Practice MarketingLeave a Comment was created to extend our offering with new ideas and sort of be a “test kitchen.” Some things worked and some didn’t. Pretty typical. Like X, the experimental lab at Google, tackling a problem only to fail was often our goal. We learned so much and we kept trying new things. From the experience, we learned our Webinar Wednesday … Read More

PayPal Might Make You Pull Your Hair Out; Stripe Might Keep You Up at Night; QuickBooks Payments Works While You Sleep – an astUtemy Blog Series

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This series began with Why People Love and Hate Paypal and we discussed PayPal vs. Stripe. Now, we take it a step further buy discussing this from the bookkeeping point of view. One of the single most important features of a merchant services provider is getting your money but as an accounting professional, that may not be the case. For … Read More

Letter Writing for Client Acquisition

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We recently did a webinar on this topic and it was a big hit! Each week our very own Webinar Wednesdays from (included with PRO astUtemy membership) host amazing topics that are useful to building an accounting practice or other business. This past week’s was no slouch. The event had great attendance which was surprising for me. Who would’ve … Read More

Stripe or PayPal? Why People Love and Hate PayPal – an astUtemy Blog Series

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This is a series of posts to discuss various merchant services providers and their benefits and use cases. We will examine PayPal, Stripe, QuickBooks Payments and Square. Let’s begin with PayPal. PayPal is everywhere, integrated with more software than any other merchant service and quite frankly it pretty darn cool. But the sides are heavily divided. Their are haters and … Read More

Funding, Capital, Yes or No?

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Do you need to raise capital? This question has always plagued me. The answer is yes. The other answer is no. So much good can come from funding. So much bad can come from funding. You can grow faster. Do you want to? You can achieve more. Is that good? You can take a salary. Should you? As an entrepreneur … Read More