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And a word about the School of Bookkeeping (SOB) - I didn't sign up when I first learned about it since from its name I thought it was all about bookkeeping, which I'm already confident in. But then I signed up when they still offered the free version and upgraded after I realized there's a wealth of information there with all of Seth's videos. I'm not talking about the bookkeeping basics videos, but rather all the videos on how to use various apps, tools, websites, software, etc. that he's done. I have increased my efficiency tremendously in just the several months I've been lingering by learning about and implementing several of the tools he touts. I view the $38/month as sort of like a subscription to an industry tech journal, since SOB does a better job than the CPA Tech Advisor / Practice Advisor and the like. Can anyone tell me a better place to learn about the latest and greatest accounting/bookkeeping app or tool than on SOB? Probably not.
I have learned more from Seth David and "Not Seth" (Eric Greenspan) than I have through any of the expensive courses I have taken. Not only are the lessons informative, Eric and Seth take the time to answer any questions about their lessons. I would certainly recommend SchoolBookkeeping.com to any bookkeeper, business owner or accountant out there. ~ Lisa Unrau
I have just started watching your videos and am trying to set up a Real Estate Company. Your information is by far better than anyone else out there and is sooooooooo user friendly.
I just want to put out there that I have learned more about QB through you guys than any paid course I have taken. Also very entertaining which makes learning interesting.
I have been an assistant to a Controller for years and am now gaining more responsibilities as well as taking my own clients. In doing so, I've realized that I am much more skilled at maneuvering my way through QuickBooks and am not so great at understanding WHY certain things are done. SOB is giving me the opportunity to fill in many gaps! It is an amazing resource! I also really appreciate how quickly emails are answered - They are on top of things here!! ~Stephanie
You gentlemen are amazing! You truly live up to your delighted guarantee and continue to exceed my expectations. I am so impressed that you not only answered the question I posted on SOB, but to my surprise, also made a video (unsolicited by me) reviewing and giving examples of my posted question. The only way this could have have been better would be breakfast in bed. Again, thank you so much for continuing to exceed my expectations. You really lead by example and believe that our success is your success. ~W Andrew H.
I just watched the first three videos in Bookkeepers Delight. Oh. My. Gosh. I've been doing cash flow projections for years (real ones, not just "check register projections,") but this is going to change my life. And my clients' lives, too, if I can get them interested in looking at the reports. Seth David, I bow to your superior knowledge and Excel prowess. ~Billie G.
Seth David is a a great instructor on Quickbooks! He has helped so many of us with our Mathnasium Franchise accounting. ~John Labuda, Vice President - Treasurer at Mathnasium of Cy-Fair
The search functionality that you added to your site is amazing. Makes all of the resources you have to offer that much more accessible.
Do you guys ever sleep! Love what you are doing! ~Karen M.
The course about understanding your financial statements is OUTSTANDING! Especially the last 3 chapters on the "Statement of Cash Flows". Every bookkeeper or business owner should view these last 3 chapters! Seth nails it. You can quickly gage the financial health of a company by this report alone.

Jerry, www.phillippspaving.com
Schoolofbookkeeping is AWESOME!

Schoolofbookeeping seriously is the coolest thing. I have my BA in HR and graduated in 2010 from the University of Oklahoma and have always wanted to go back to school, lol. Anyways, schoolofbookkeeping was just what I was wanting and I am so happy to be apart of such a personable, AWESOME, school.

I did see this morning that a student can now be a part of the school’s directory in connection with job opportunities! I hope someday, someone, somewhere around Norman, OK will be seeking a schoolofbookkeeping student J

Anyways, have a great day! Thanks for providing us students with such an amazing opportunity to continue improving our performance in the workplace!

K. Hahn "Solo"
I am on Chapter 7, and I just wanted to take a quick second and "thank you". You are AMAZING, and I am very grateful that you do what you do, and you are as thorough as you are.

I am as equally grateful that your rates are reasonable and that you also allow the training with the first month discounted. I am single mom and I have been out of work since December so my finances have been extremely tight, but you have made this possible for me.

Sincerely Grateful,
Seth, I can't believe you responded, let alone so quickly! Thanks so much! I have just finished importing my excel doc into a google spreadsheet without any formatting problems, can access it through my google drive without any problems, and have just shared it with the committee. I am so glad to be moving on from these technical issues to the real work of our charity auction. I am really grateful to you for taking the time to help. And, as a little note of interest, you ended up helping a group all the way in Shenzhen, China! How did we ever survive without the internet?! Thanks again.
Thank you so much. You were a huge help and really gave me a better handle on Excel. Can't thank you enough.
These videos are such a HUGE help in my understanding of QuickBooks! I truly appreciate Seth's knowledge and hope to one day be that efficient in QuickBooks.
I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your YouTube video on How to Record your Factored Receivables in Quickbooks! I work in the oilfields in ND. I have a small business management degree and managed my family business for a few years. My tiny degree did not prepare me for a lot of the business action I've seen in the field...Thank you and you're doing an awesome job!!
I can't thank Seth and Eric enough for their assistance, and for the school of bookkeeping program. As someone who recently acquired an existing business, the task of bringing the accounting and bookkeeping system into the 21st century was daunting. I attained my copy of Quickbooks and realized right away that it was WAY more complicated than most other programs I've attempted to master in the past.

The rest of this testimonial can be found at toolegittoaudit.com.
You have a cool factor for bookkeeping that I have not seen.
I haven’t seen a better vehicle for training people how to properly use QuickBooks to do their financials. Very well explained and demonstrated.

Larry B.
Just watched the video on undeposited funds. It is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks!
Thanks for your help! Love your videos!

Kauana J.
I've just finished chapters 1 - 3 and am enjoying the class - it's perfect for me right now.

Just want to say how happy I am to have found you. I'm energized to get up to speed with current and future technology in bookkeeping/accounting after having gotten interested in other pursuits for awhile.

Carrie L.
Just watched your video on How To Clean Up The Books With Our Trial Balance Adjustment Template. Loved it!! You are so AWESOME!! I feel I struck a gold mine with the School of Bookkeeping!!!

First let me say I love schoolofbookkeeping.com and I’ve been very impressed with the amount of content available and the pace at which new content is added.

Jim Ferrell
I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your bookkeeping course. Recently, I have just started my own business doing bookkeeping and taxes, and wanted to get better educated using QuickBooks. I do have an accounting degree (AS), which I suppose gives me a little edge in learning the material a bit quicker. But I am just blown away by how thorough your course is! I am also studying another course for QuickBooks Pro 2013, and am hoping to become certified in QuickBooks. Your course is so much more interesting and interactive than the other course I am reading that usually puts me to sleep. Thanks for putting together a great learning tool! I can’t wait to get to the Bookkeepers Delight part of the course!

Theresa Clement
I thought I'd let you know that the "Bookkeepers Delight" videos were really great. I implemented the lessons today where I'm currently working. I've previously reorganized this small office using Google services Drive, Calendar, Forms, Gmail, etcetera. As the owner is rarely in the office, I thought I'd save the spreadsheet to a folder on Drive. I'm happy to report that all the formulas work and I just needed to redo a bit of the color formatting. This way the owner can view the "cash flow projection worksheet" and the liquidity ratios from his Google Drive app from his iPad while he's running around during the day and collaborate with me on payables decisions.

Dave Luczak
In our business we support thousands of small businesses that are new to both bookkeeping and QuickBooks. Often times are users just need some help with understanding the basics. Seth David does a great job of breaking things down for the non accountant and also provides many options for how to complete the task at hand. I have signed up and have already been through a few of the courses and I will be recommending this school to our clients.

Karen Magno www.transactionpro.com
It's 8 pm on a Monday evening and I'm just now getting around to the new bookkeeping courses and their associated videos. So there in lies the problem...watching the videos. It looked as though the video was streaming but then as soon as Seth started to talk it froze. Sorry Seth! I sent a comment to the SOBs and I was impressed when Eric responded almost immediately. Come to find out it was on my end but he was willing to work with me to get this resolved - Tonight! This is what customer service is all about. I work out of the office a few times a week so it's not always easy for me to get in my training during "open hours" so the fact that there was someone on the other end on a Monday evening speaks volumes to me. So glad I signed up for the courses (I did the whole year). Thanks SOBs for working the same hours as me.

CarrieP www.mycertifiedbookkeeper.com
I appreciate your knowledge and I trust you to give me the best training available that is why you get my biz.

Dave Acosta www.deserttaxpreparation.com
Seth David is an Accounting Genius. He has the mental acumen and energy of three people combined. This course would be a bargain at twice the price.

Dennis L. Thompson, CPA, CFE
I was first introduced to Seth by watching the countless free bookkeeping videos he has available on the web. When he launched his school of bookkeeping I knew immediately that I wanted to see what else this bookkeeping rockstar could teach me. If the content he so generously created for free was that good, I was beyond excited to see what his school would offer. It did not disappoint. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Seth is a great teacher who explains concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand and retain. He really wants the viewer to walk away having expanded their knowledge. This new 2.0 version of the school of bookkeeping gives you access to hours of great content and the option of having one on one time with Seth. To me this is a no- brainer. I signed up immediately, again! -

Robyn Rice www.bookkeepingbyrobyn.com
Seth's thoroughness in resolving ANY QuickBooks issues was beyond my expectations. he's highly knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and professional. The one-on-one online "recorded" sessions I had with him were very helpful (those recorded sessions are always available to the customer for unlimited reviewing), something that is not offered anywhere else in the industry. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SETH AND NERD ENTERPRISES. Thank you Seth for a job well done!

Colette Schamet
Office Administrator at Sonnenblick-eichner
Hi Seth, I’m currently registered for the QB school of bookkeeping. Just wanted to say this course has helped me out a lot. The emphasis you place throughout the course on understanding the debits & credits going on in the background made things understandable for me. I’ll likely use the private training periodically down the road.

Jeff G
Re: Chapter 7-2 - This operation of credit card processing has been baffling me for months on how to process card fees every month as the CC company take there fees straight out of the my customers payment which confuses me on how to enter it in quickbooks…. Now its given me a better understanding of how to handle this kind of transaction the next time my credit card statement arrives.. Learning from this video alone is worth what it cost me for the whole months course.. Thank you…

I have not only learned so much already but have enjoyed the learning from the SOBers! You guys are quite remarkable! And Thank You!


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