10 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace

Whenever you log on to your computer there will be an application, file, notification, and website competing for your attention. Most are specifically designed to keep you coming back for more by appealing to our emotions with some applications amassing billions of users and dozens of hours of your time. I think most people with access to the internet tend to get distracted very easily with a new post on Facebook or lost in our inbox. Let’s remedy this once in for all!

From start to finish your workspace can be minimized to this experience:

Clean your desktop

Try putting everything in your system tray.

The most used applications, browser, and folder system should only be available in your system tray. If you have tons of files all over your desktop move them all to one folder and set aside time to organize the files later.

Autoload apps and websites upon startup

Think about your browser, email, calendar, workflow system, etc. basically the stuff you need for your everyday workflow. If you’re a Windows or a Mac you can autoload all the applications on your system tray and your web browser will autoload your most used websites.

Block online advertisements with an adblocker extension

Most browsers have extension for blocking ads. Get one.

Clean browser bookmark bar and extensions

Start using your browser’s bookmark system and only show the extensions you use daily.

Just like with cleaning your desktop, if you have tons of bookmarked websites move them all to one folder and set aside time to organize the URLs later.

Zero inbox

Use this guide here to get a handle on your email.

Update communication settings for every app you use

Adjust your app notifications, email subscription settings, and scheduled reports.

Get a workflow system

Contacts, sales, projects, files, tasks, and notes can all be organized beautifully in a CRM and give you the right reports to start your day focusing on.

Get a password manager

Store your passwords using your browser’s password manager like GSuite or a program like 1Password. Set permissions on folders and files for collaboration.

We use this 1Password manager to collaborate on client accounts, so it fits us well for our team needs and we can automatically login to websites.   

Automate and delegate

Think of all the task you repeat and do what you can to automate them whether within the app itself or with tools like Zapier or artificial intelligent bots like Amy. If you can’t find a way to automate, delegate tasks to someone else using your CRM and share passwords with your people using your password manager.

Repeat all the above for your mobile device(s)

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