38 Millions Reasons to Use schoolofbookkeeping.com ANSWERS Forums Today

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Today, we officially have relaunched schoolofbookkeeping.com ANSWERS, our 24/7, searchable, and very useful Q&A support service. It’s included for our members and it’s currently free to the public. It’s new, again, so there is much content YET. But it will come and fast and you can help. Why help? Because you benefit too. Here’s what I mean…

I’m going to show you 38 Million Reasons to Use schoolofbookkeeping.com ANSWERS Forums…ready?

Open a browser and type “bookkeeping” into Google Search. 38,200,000 in .84 seconds. Forums are a great tool for generating traffic to a website and while this is great for schoolofbookkeeping.com, it’s also great for our members who post. You get found just like we do. How does this benefit you?

Answers Forums schoolofbookkeeping.com

Here’s a little secret…

Post your comment, answer or question and at the end add your signature.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say someone asks the question, “Should I learn Xero or is QuickBooks enough?”

I’d answer this question like this, “Xero just hit 1 million users so I’d say it’s safe to learn this product now.”

Then, below it, I’d add this…

Eric Greenspan
CEO, schoolofbookkeeping.com

Or, maybe even add this…

“We have a course about it if you’d like to learn more about Xero?”

“Here’s the link: https://schoolofbookkeeping.com/course/xero-beautiful-accounting-software-quickbooks-alternative/

Get it now?

Not every site you visit will allow this. Some might frown on it. But not us. We welcome it. It helps us and it will help you too.

So, don’t delay. Visit schoolofbookkeeping.com/answers today and start building your presences on the web. You’ll thank us later!

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