5 Things You Can Do With a schoolofbookkeeping.com Subscription

schoolofbookkeeping.com is about learning. We help bookkeepers and accountants learn new skills, solve complex problems and stay ahead of the technology shifts. We produce amazing videos on the topics that matter, but schoolofbookkeeping.com is so much more than that. Our members join to be a part of something great, where like minds meet and discuss. We offer interactive Q&A, forums, Hangouts, Webinars, meetups, referrals, knowledge sharing, classifieds, directories and much much more. schoolofbookkeeping.com is changing how bookkeepers and accounting professionals learn and congregate. We might even start a bookkeeper dating service. Who’s in?

5 Things You Can Do with a schoolofbookkeeping.com subscription

1. Engage with schoolofbookkeeping.com faculty or other members to discuss any type of bookkeeping or accounting question. We offer Q&A for our students to ask questions of faculty and peers. We invite students to our ABBO group on Facebook for further interaction and engagement. We also engage regularly on Twitter and Google+.

2. Solve complex problems. While learning as you go is great too, you can use schoolofbookkeeping.com to find a particular video for a single or set of problems. Try it!

3. Use our Excel templates in your day to day. Need others? Just ask…we’ll gladly produce whatever templates our students request.

4. Learn both accounting and software. Our videos do both. Stay tuned for our launch of Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online!

5. Learn how to master the art of the pickup. View our 5 Bookkeeper Pickup Lines here!

6. Bonus: Request leads and jobs through our Bookkeeper Referral Service.

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