5 Tips for How to Make Your Spreadsheets Look Gorgeous

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When you are compiling information in a spreadsheet you have many formatting options available to you. All too often I see a spreadsheet filled with numbers and gridlines and I immediately dread what I am looking at. It looks like something I am going to have to work hard to understand. There are some powerful formatting options Microsoft Excel offers for how you can make your spreadsheets look gorgeous.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. It’s on the outside that draws people in. If you want to get people engaged in the information you’re presenting then you’ll want to have a look at these 5 tips for how to make your spreadsheets look gorgeous.

The classic scenario is the accountant or bookkeeper who wants to review financial data with a client or employer. You’re very excited because you just know how powerful this information is going to be. They are going to be so happy with you and what you’ve accomplished. You arrange the meeting, and gather everyone around in the conference room. You can’t wait to connect your computer to the projector. Then you begin your presentation and about 60 seconds in you look around the room and notice the blank stares on everyone’s faces.

You forgot that while you understand this material very well, your audience does not. This means you’ll want to present the information in a manner that draws them in. This is why you’ll want to learn 5 tips for how to make your spreadsheets look gorgeous!

  1. Shade in the entire sheet.
  2. Always Start in B2
  3. Remove the shading from the section you want to highlight.
  4. How to set up sample data (Rand) and paste values.
  5. Shade the headers and freeze the rows (and columns if necessary).

Watch the video to see the 5 tips come to life. These subtle and simple tips will make all the difference between people resisting having a look at what you’re trying to show them, and getting them engaged and wanting to know more.

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