Accounting and Bookkeeping Cloud Practice Management – Update

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How to start and grow, and run your practice in today’s world.

You want to build the BUSINES OF THE NEW WORLD. Who doesn’t right? No one wants to get left behind. No one wants to be that extinct dinosaur of the business world who was too slow to adopt, and now the learning curve is so high you can’t possibly catch up in time. Maybe that’s a little dramatic? Then again, maybe it isn’t?

The new world means the cloud. It means we’re using apps to run our businesses remotely.

I wanted to create the ultimate resource for accountants and bookkeepers to create, or re-create, build, run, and grow your practice from anywhere.

In order to do this properly, we need to build the foundation on firm bedrock. I need to know that you are not going to be stressed out about whether or not you’re charging enough. This means we need to have the right plan in place. If you have no idea what you’re building, then how can you build anything?

One of the primary reasons businesses fail is lack of planning. You have to know how many new clients you expect to get each month, so you can plan how you’ll get them. Then you need to plan how you’ll manage them, and how you’ll blow them away with a service that appears to have twice the value of what they’re paying.

Once you have the foundation built, then you can work on opening up the flood gates. It’s a very different world than it was 10 years ago. Even five. I felt that we needed updated material on these subjects, and I still feel that if that material is going to be updated for the business of the new world, then it should take on the right form. Video. On the web. Not published in a book that can’t easily be updated to keep up with the momentum. Change is happening faster and faster. We need to leverage an ecosystem that allows us to be agile. We need to roll with the changes so we can quickly adopt, and lead our clients further and further into the future.

First we build the foundation of our own firm. In the process we learn a new skill (perhaps several). We use those newly acquired skills to offer new services to our clients.

Next we look at our website, and make sure it’s optimized for what we need. We’ll look at your blog, and we’ll discuss why this is so important to the growth of your business in this new world.

After looking at your home base on the web, we can start using social media to get the flood gates to open for you. In order to do this we’ll need to learn… you guessed it… some apps to help us monitor and engage with people when the opportunity presents itself. You don’t have to be out there 24/7. You just have to know how to use the right tools, so you can be alerted when there is something for you to take action on.

The process is simple. You’re going to create content at your home base (your website and your blog). Then you’re going to engage with people in social media, so you can find opportunities to share that content. This course teaches you the apps that make this process easy.

Next we’ll look at the apps you need to run your business in the cloud. In other words, once the flood gates are open and the clients are flowing in, we’ll need to know how to use the apps that will allow us to manage and collaborate both internally and with the client about what needs to be done. When it needs to be done. Who’s doing it, and what happens once they have completed it.

These are exciting times. I am excited about helping people start, and grow the business of the new world. I’m right here with you, because I’m doing it too, and I’m grateful to have you with me on this journey.


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