Accounts with Sub-Accounts – How to Fix Ugly Other In QuickBooks

Accounts with Sub-Accounts – How to Fix Ugly Other In QuickBooks

When you post a transaction to an account which serves as a parent account you get something called “Ugly Other.” The golden rule of entering transactions into QuickBooks when you have an account with sub-accounts is that everything must go to a sub-account. When you post to the parent account you will get Ugly Other every time.

Ugly other is a serious problem but the good news is there is a solution. If you have the accountant’s version of QuickBooks then you can fix it pretty quickly with the re-class transactions feature. Otherwise you have to double click the “Other” line on the P&L and manually change each transaction in that category to one of the sub-accounts. If necessary you can of course create any new sub-accounts needed.

Is there no other solution? What if I have 100s of transactions in there?

As a matter of fact there is a solution. Assuming you do not have the accountants edition of QuickBooks and you have 100s of transactions posted to a parent account with sub-accounts, then the trick is to manipulate the accounts instead of the transactions. This way we can trick QuickBooks into giving us what we want. Here are the steps you’ll take to fix “Ugly Other” in QuickBooks:

  1. Move all of the sub-accounts out from underneath the current parent.
  2. Then re-name the original parent.
  3. Then create a new account to become the parent (with no transactions in it)
  4. Then move the other accounts in as sub-accounts of the new parent.

When you watch the video this will all make sense. I promise.

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