Achieve Your Goals – Time To Stop, Look, and Listen

The month of January is about to end. We’ve probably made some resolutions. Some or maybe many of them have likely faded by now and we’re back into our regular routines. It’s not too late to Achieve Your Goals. Part of changing the way we do things is having a process for facilitating that change. We have to go beyond making a decision and take action. Don’t give up on achieving your goals. Instead re-engage them.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote out your goals? When was the last time you read them back to yourself? How can you expect to achieve your goals if you aren’t constantly reminding yourself what they are?

The problem as I see it and as I’ve said before is that you can’t make a change based on the time of year (eg New Years). If you want to achieve your goals the change has to be based on an extreme desire to change. “Need” is not enough of a reason. Many of us need to change our habits, but you won’t achieve your goals until you have the extreme desire to do so.

Drug addicts recover from their addictions because they have an extreme desire to change, yet so many addicts who “need” recovery never get it unfortunately. It takes that much to change at the core of your being. Often times it’s something traumatic which catapults us into that place where we will stop at nothing to change (just like the addict use to stop at nothing to get high). This is an extreme example, but it illustrates the mindset needed to achieve your goals.

It doesn’t have to take a traumatic event to achieve your goals. That’s just what it takes for most of us to truly change. What does that look like for you? How will you get yourself into the right mindset so you can achieve your goals? Whatever you hope to accomplish, whatever your goals, it amounts to outlining those goals and then outlining the plan for how you’ll achieve your goals. With no plan of action any decision you make dies right there. You won’t achieve your goals without action. It’s that simple.

Spend some time thinking about how you will achieve your goals. Give yourself an hour a day just to think about the day and the week ahead. How will you achieve your goals for today? For this week?

If it’s your health you want to work on then you need a system for doing two things; learning more about health and nutrition and putting the change into action. This means eating better and exercising more. It’s probably also appropriate for me to say here that you should consult with your physician – you may have challenges beyond just eating better and exercising which need to be addressed. I am learning something new every day. I read a tip about posture at my desk. My feet need to be flat on the floor. I’ve noticed that doing this helps me to be more conscious about sitting up straight. I am correcting my posture many times throughout the day. If I keep this up I won’t even have to think about it anymore. It will just become a part of me. I learned that sitting up straight helps me breathe better. This allows me to take in more oxygen, and that gives me more energy. What a concept. A simple tip about keeping my feet flat on the floor makes all the difference. Keep learning and you will achieve your goals. That’s how you achieve your goals. At first it’s a conscious effort. Then it becomes habit. Then it becomes part of your normal make up.

If you really want to That’s how you achieve your goals then the plan of action as I’ve learned it comes down to planning exactly when we will do new and different things. That’s what change really is all about. That’s what achieving your goals is really all about. Unless your goal is for everything to remain exactly the same as it is now? When will we go to the gym? Exactly what day and time. You make appointments to see clients because those appointments are important to you. Why wouldn’t you do the exact same thing with regard to your health? That’s how you achieve your goals when it comes to your health. You schedule it on your calenda just like every other important thing in your life.

Changing eating habits can be overwhelmingly difficult. Trust me I know! Last night was a Friday night. I was heading from my therapy appointment in Beverly Hills back home to Burbank. This is something I have done for my mental health since the day I got sober. Someone once asked me when I would stop going (aka when would I no longer need it)? My reply? When it stops helping I’ll stop going. It’s been almost 16 years. It’s still helping.

I am often on the phone with my wife while one or both of us is driving (hands free of course) – especially when we’re headed home. By the time we hung up the phone I had already discussed with her what I was going to do about dinner. This made all the difference. Normally I might have stopped at Taco Bell or some other fast food place. Talking it out with someone who cares makes all the difference for me. I got a salad at this place we have out here called the Chop Stop. All they do is salads. Then I went into Sprout Farmers Market and grabbed a rotisserie chicken and I was finally on my way home. That’s how it worked for me last night and I woke up feeling much better than I know I would have had I had fast food.

That was yesterday. Today is a new day and I’ll be faced with all new decisions to make. I’ll have to navigate once again through the sea of what works and what doesn’t?

What about you? What are you trying to change about yourself and how will you make it happen today?

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  1. I keep this in my notes and have it printed all over the house

    Operation Financial Freedom 2015

    I will build SOB to earn $200,000+ for each of us
    I will make sure my kids have everything they need
    I will buy a new Tahoe, loaded
    I will take a nice, much needed vacation
    I will move in with Angela and live happily ever after

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