Adding Artificial Intelligence “AI” to Your Daily Workflow

Artificial Intelligence and bots, commonly known as “AI” are about to become even more popular in the business world. We expect that it will begin with chatbots. In fact, you have probably already talked to an AI bot and didn’t even know it. Think of the last time you used a chat window to buy a product or submit a ticket for support. All of those systems are starting to use AI to help sales and service teams save time by quickly identifying what you need and getting you to the right person. The best part about these chatbots is you really think you’re talking with a real-life person, so the human touch in sales and service stays consistent.

Ok, so maybe it’s not the best example, but when you call the cable company, or Apple, or just about any large company today, you are often fielded by a chatbot. I know, it’s sometimes funny, but you can see the potential…it keeps getting better. I too have yelled at the “computer” and said “agent” many times over. But it’s getting better and better, and I truly believe this trend will soon explode and the usefulness will increase exponentially. I also believe we have an opportunity upon us and there’s no reason to fear AI, just embrace it and enjoy it.

IT executives are building vertical domains for each AI bot to master, so they’re not going to be great at everything and get you a coffee while doing XYZ. Think of tasks that can be easily repeated without much judgment such as scheduling a meeting, taking notes, or routing you to the right person. These are the types of tasks AI is going to take over first and the cost of admission will be available for most businesses on a tight budget.

Try adding AI tools to your daily workflow like with Amy from, which starts at $17/mo and lets you schedule meetings using good ole, reliable email. There’s not much you have to do to start handing over responsibility to the AI bots or make any changes to your day to day workflow. These little bots just slide right into your workflow and shave some time off tasks that don’t require much brain power. Give it try!

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