Announcing BillQuick, our 8th Course from

Today we are so proud to announce BillQuick, our 8th course from It’s called, “Introduction to BillQuick – Time, Expenses, Billing, and Project Management.”

BillQuick is a product I have been working with for almost 2 years now. It handles time and expenses, as well as billing and project management. BillQuick also syncs very nicely with QuickBooks.

As I have learned more about BillQuick, and what it does with time and expense, tracking, billing, and project management, I have fallen more deeply in love with it. It’s important when choosing a product to look at who’s behind the product. Shafat Qazi, CEO and founder of BillQuick has also won my heart. Then I met his team. After working with the entire BQE Software team I am sold, hook, line, and sinker on this company and product. This is why I am so excited to bring this course as our first in a series of many custom courses to come at

There are many products out there that solve many problems. At a certain point it becomes very clear when a company has gone far above and beyond what you would expect. Usually at this level it is the little things that you almost wouldn’t notice. This is why many companies wouldn’t bother – because you wouldn’t notice. That is until you do, and when you do, that’s when you realize that you’re dealing with something that is much more than what it appears to be on the surface. This is the point at which it becomes clear that you’re dealing with something that has incredible intelligence. It’s clear that someone has taken the time to place importance on the things that most others ignore. These little things add up and make all the difference in terms of not just increasing, but maximizing productivity and efficiency. This usually spells out maximum profitability.

How many times have you found yourself CTRL Clicking items in a list to select many, but not all of them? BillQuick has something called reverse select. You can CTRL Click only those things that you don’t want (when there are many fewer of those) and then  reverse the selection. Such a simple thing – I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else. 

Imagine you are working in a large architectural firm with 100 projects going on. Every time an employee goes to enter their time or expenses on a project they have to scroll through a list of 100 projects to find the one they need. What if you were able to limit that drop down for each user based only on the projects to which they are assigned? That should speed up productivity right? Now multiply that by the number of employees and think of the collective hours of time (and money) being saved by that little extra pick up in time, every time someone is entering their time and expenses.

It probably sounds like I am trying to sell you the product. I am. The reason I am is because I know that once you start using it, you will thank me for selling it to you. I just gave you two examples of features of BillQuick that make it extra special – heads and shoulders above any other time and expense tracking software that I have seen to date. 

When the time came for me to develop a course on the product I could barely contain my excitement. I just knew that I would really enjoy the process of developing content that will teach you how to use something you can really use. This is how we choose our products here at, and I am so proud to have BillQuick be the first.

Here’s the Course Outline:

  • Section 1 – Time and Expense Tracking (1 Lesson)
    • Users / Security / Roles
    • Entering time
    • Using The Timer
    • Expense Tracking
  • Section 2 – Project Management
    • Lesson 1 – What do you call a project? A Job? An Engagement?
    • Lesson 2 – Customers and Projects
      • The Structure of a client and a project
      • How to identify and research red flags on a project
    • Lesson 3 – Allocation and Forecasting
      • Segment 1
        • Expense management
        • Budget vs Actual
        • Where the amounts come from
        • Quick Export to Excel
      • Segment 2
        • Resource allocation (Allocation & Forecasting)
        • Distribute view – enter a long period for start to end date and show the Calendar view with the hours evenly distributed
        • Show how the Calendar Distribute view changes as you extend the start & end date from being all in one month to spanning several months
  • Section 3 – Billing
    • Fee Schedules
    • Project Billing Area
    • Invoice Templates
    • Billing Schedules
    • Time/Expense Review (Active Filters; Approved, Unbilled, Billable)
    • Billing Review
    • Joint Invoices
    • Invoice Review
    • Invoice Customers
  • Section 4 – QuickBooks Integration

Launched December 23, 2014

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