Announcing the CPA Referral Service

Today, we are happy to announce our latest offering from the CPA Referral Service. Building on the success of our Bookkeeper Referral Service, we have listened to our peers, students and prospects that these are very different customers. So, now, we have both!

Our Bookkeeper Referral Service is available to all levels of our subscription learning service. The CPA Referral Service is only available to our Pro and Enterprise customers and these two levels also get priority on the Bookkeeper Referral Service.

To become a part of the referral services, simply enroll at and you will automatically receive referrals via email. We give priority as mentioned above and if a match is not made, we offer it to a broader list of prospects.

Last month we had 6 new client referrals and they were all filled by students. The number of referrals continues to grow and we look forward to passing these along to our student body. does not take a commission or any form of payment from the clients/employers.

Why did we form the Referral Service programs?

It just happened. As an educational provider, our students are sought after by business owners and employers. As a result, we just started sending on the requests and then it made sense to offer this a formal service. Our students love it, we love, employers and business owners love it. We hope you will love it too.

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