astUtemy relaunches Jobs and Referrals Center! Announces Big Push for 2016.

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astUtemy revamped and relaunched its Jobs and Referral Center today. Here, members can post and find jobs, as well as, manage their Business Directory Listing. Employers can post and manage jobs. Employers are currently able to post as many jobs as they wish for free. “We feel offering this as a free service to employers is in the best interest of our members,” said Eric Greenspan, Chief Education Officer of astUtemy. “Offering a job board has always been a goal of ours but we’ve been so busy with other parts of the site we weren’t able to get it rolling the way we had hoped. Today, that all changes!” Greenspan continued.

Now, in one easy to find and simple to navigate place, both members and employers can leverage this amazing and highly capable audience. The company’s Creator of Opportunities, Angela Rust added, “If a member gets one job a year from astUtemy, their membership is paid for several times over. What more can we ask for as we strive to be the industry leader in accounting professional education and resources?”

While we expect this new resource to really take off this year, this is just one of the many existing and amazing features of this service. It’s only the beginning and we have plans to do things no one has ever done before in this area. Thanks for joining and we look forward to helping you Ignite Your Practice, Business or Life!

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