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The Brevity Initiative, introduced in 2016, is our core principle upon which we follow in the production of all courses and content. It’s a simple idea really. Keep it brief. Here’s the general guidelines:

  • All videos should be short, no more than 5 minutes, but less than 3 is preferred. Each video should cover no more than one topic.
  • Flares are shorter videos, under 60 seconds and they have a special place in our heart. Answer the question and move on with your day!
  • Webinars are never over 20 minutes in content. Q&A can follow, but limited to 10 minutes. If more is needed, launch Part II.
  • Podcasts may be of any length as long as they are rich with facts, ideas and other components that are useful. Humor is welcome, but use it wisely. You can laugh and learn, at the same time.

In general, just get it done, name it well, make it searchable, build more, smaller videos and focus on answering the question(s) or making your point quickly, efficiently and getting the viewer back to work, back to other content, or wherever else they wish or need to be.

What is an astUtemy author?

We provide astute, efficient learning resources for business owners and accounting professionals. astUtemy content and services help Ignite your business, practice and life. We are looking for experts in business and accounting who are Ignited! If you are looking for a way to grow your brand and want to share you expertise though video content to offer your expertise to others in our community, you have come to the right place. One of the best ways to improve yourself is through helping others.



We offer direction to help you succeed in shaping your brand to become one of our top viewed authors on astUtemy.

We give you poetic license, but that does not guarantee publishing.

Be sure to follow the Brevity Initiative.



We will promote your content with vigor. If you win, we win.

We help you build your brand with your target audience and put you in front of potential clients who will value what you teach.

We will build the course site pages in their entirety. You merely need to provide us HD video that we can put on our private CDN for distribution.

We will also offer you various money making opportunities such as paid webinars and other talks and video content.



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Course Development Guidelines

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    Courses should contain a minimum of six lessons. Each lesson should be between one and five minutes in length, never longer.

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    Courses should be well structured to deliver relevant content useful for the accounting profession.

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    Brevity Initiative

    Courses should be brief, concise, to the point with little or no fluff, filler or long winded excess. Short and sweet, keep it brief.

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    All courses proposals will be evaluated upon submission. Please be sure you have followed our instructions on creating a high quality videos before recording any video content.

High Quality Requirements

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    Video Settings

    HD video 1080p with clear lighting, composition, and a steady camera exported in 16:9 format. These settings will ensure that your videos are mobile optimized for mobile devices.

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    Bright and balanced, with minimal shadows.

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    Use a clean, uniform, and non distracting backdrop. The background should contrast with the subject so that the speaker stands out.

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    File Size

    No larger than 1.0 GB. Compatible file types include mp4 or .mov.

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    Use direct eye contact. Record as though you were speaking with close friends. Audio should be clear and easy to understand; Video should be clear, well-lit, and high-definition.