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  • Intuit launched a Small Business Relief Intitiative during COVID-19

    Breaking news! Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks have been working hard to support both, end-users and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. All small businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling with the uncertainty of the economic impact. These initiatives Intuit will ... Read More

  • Are You Aware Of The Vast Array Of Choices For Your Customer When They Need QuickBooks?

    As a Certified ProAdvisor, product expert and consultant of QuickBooks, I am excited about all the options that we have for our clients to fit their individual needs.  When QuickBooks Online became popular and marketed, initially there was a strong ... Read More

  • How to Handle Prepaid Inventory in QuickBooks

    As a QuickBooks consultant, we often have to figure out workflows for unusual situations involving inventory. For customers that are new to the business, they may have to prepay for inventory that they have not received. It’s important to manage ... Read More

  • How to use QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Inventory Mobile Sync with GoPayment

    Want to know a secret? Well, it is not actually a secret but many people don’t know about it.  QuickBooks Point of Sale plus GoPayment allows for real-time inventory tracking and mobile sales. Did you know that you can use ... Read More

  • How To Make Working From Home More Productive

    The virtual technology tools of today allow for many of us to work from home. It is nice to have the flexibility of not having a commute or overhead, but it comes with some huge responsibility. It requires extreme self-discipline that not everyone can handle.

  • Do you Struggle to Focus?

    With modern technology available all day long it has become a challenge to focus on the task at hand.

  • Choose the Right QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is designed to be easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and powerful. One of the challenges faced by users and ProAdvisors (accounting pros affiliated with Intuit) is choosing the right product for the job. Job costing, inventory, the Cloud, app integration, performance, number of users, are just a few of the choice one must make when choosing the right QuickBooks product. Payroll, QB Payments, and the list goes on. This is a Live Course. This means it will continue to grow as QuickBooks grows and changes.

  • COOPETITION: How to work with your competitors so everyone wins

    When collaboration and competition collide, beautiful things can happen. This is what we like to refer to as COOPETITION. When you shift your thoughts from thinking everyone is out to steal your business to think about how we can work ... Read More

  • How to Properly Tackle Accounts Receivable in the QuickBooks World?

    Let’s talk about Accounts Receivable when using QuickBooks Collecting money for your business can be time consuming. Sending paper statements and waiting for clients to mail in a check is a thing of the past. If you are still using the ... Read More