Eating Our Own Dogfood – How to Write a Post on our Blog (and yours too)

We believe that the skills we train our staff to master should be shared with our audience. This is what we mean by “Eating Your Own Dogfood.” Today, our #DailyIgnite will be a great post we use internally to help our team draft and publish blog posts on TooLegitToAudit. We think it applies to everyone with a blog, so we wrote it and shared it publicly.

Automating QuickBooks and a Few Other Things

Our company specializes in automating processes, including QuickBooks and so can yours. As a bookkeeping or tax professional, you are constantly dealing with data and data entry for your own firm and on behalf of your clients. The next time you find yourself assembling an invoice or inputting data or re-inputting data, stop for a moment and look around at the tools that exist today and consider automating these processes.

Does “Alexa” Really Work?

We use Amazon’s Alexa at home and at work. At first, I wasn’t sure what would happen. Mom didn’t love it. The kids were using it to make funny noises. But as I am writing this, mom just said, “Alexa, set a 5 minute timer.” I smell muffins cooking. Mom has found a few ways to use this device that I’m highly confident I’d be in big trouble if I took them away.

How to Automatically Post New Content to All Social Networks Over and Over and Over

One of our favorite tools at 74 Systems and is CoSchedule. It’s an extremely powerful tool that helps small business owners share content effectively. This post will be shared automatically by CoSchedule through a Zapier Zap automation sequence that will take this post and push it out to 8 social networks when it’s published.

Is GoFundMe Tax Deductible? Maybe, If You Do It Right.

Tax deductible is often the question with GoFundMe account. You can find a more likely alternative than a personal GoFundMe account. It’s called a “Certified Charity” and many are unaware that this feature exists.

Your Cable Internet Provider is About to Hand You a MUCH Bigger Bill

Beware of your cable company right now. They are usually also your Internet provider. Recently, many Internet companies have started charging usage fees. This means that the unlimited package you signed up, no has limits. To make matters worse, if you pay an exorbitant fee to upgrade back to unlimited, you will just pay more. But, do it on time, or you will incur usage charges at far more than the new rate.

Maximize Your QuickBooks Connect 2017 Experience – How to Plan and Get the Most Out of Conferences

Many go and many have a blast, learn a ton, and make new friends and contacts. Many also spend a lot of money and lose a week of work, a double whammy. When attending a conference it’s important to plan and set goals. Remember, this conference is not where you will find clients directly, rather, you’ll be hanging out mostly with your competition. Along those lines, you can still find more than just interesting conversation and new relationships.

3 Ways to Use Transaction Pro to Make More $$$$

Transaction Pro comes in a variety of flavors. The most commonly used version is Transaction Pro Importer or affectionately known as TPI. Transaction Pro is built and run by Karen Magno and her husband, people we have come to love in the industry we share. This post will give you a few ideas on how to make more money with Transaction Pro, written by our esteemed colleague and brilliant ProAdvisor Terri Wilson.

Certificates of Completion Launched at

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our latest creation – Certificates of Completion for our Courses! Now, after you complete a course (testing is now being rolled out too), you can visit your Completed Courses page and View/Download your Certificate. It’s automatic and get one for EVERY course you complete. So, go buy some frames and get your courses complete. You’ll have a wall of achievement in your office in no time!

Announcing “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Learn it” – A New Course from

Angela just wrote a post about How to Land Clients on Facebook. It’s a great post and she used new skills in developing it. She now uses Adobe Stock images and resizes them beautifully. But I noticed her Adobe Stock image was plain and without branding. She is great at many things, but Photoshop is not yet in her bag of tricks. So, I did a video to teach her. It’s called “How to Edit an Image with Photoshop, Add a Logo and Text and Make It Ready for your Website and Facebook.”

Social Media Image Sizes 2017

Here’s a guide of social media image sizes for 2017: Facebook Image Sizes Cover photo: 851 px wide by 315 px tall Profile image: 180 px wide by 180 px tall Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall Shared … Read More

Get Ready for Accounting Automation

Not too long ago, everyone thought that accountants could be replaced by software, just like the travel agency. Isn’t accounting easy? It’s math and rules after all! If a software company can develop an algorithm for all the “rules” than … Read More

The New and Improved Ignite Programs

Our parent company 74 Degrees created the 74 Ignite Program and the 74 CMO Program after many of our members asked for help with marketing. Today, we’re super excited to share our newest offerings. We think you’ll like them more … Read More

Letter Writing for Client Acquisition

We recently did a webinar on this topic and it was a big hit! Each week our very own Webinar Wednesdays from (included with PRO membership) host amazing topics that are useful to building an accounting practice or … Read More