Funding, Capital, Yes or No?

Do you need to raise capital? This question has always plagued me. The answer is yes. The other answer is no. So much good can come from funding. So much bad can come from funding. You can grow faster. Do … Read More

If Not Now, When?

If not now, when? We’ve heard this somewhere haven’t we? Was it a move line? A lyric? The illustrious David Bowie passed away yesterday and I’m pretty sure, like the day Freddie Mercury died, many flocked to YouTube to watch … Read More

How to Reset the QBO for Mac App

If you use QuickBooks Online (QBO) on a Mac, there’s an app for that, and you can click here to get it. It’s almost exactly like QBO through Safari or Chrome, but because it works as a desktop application, it’s a … Read More

Everyone Around Here Should Be Selling

In a recent IGNITE Session, I spoke with a client about how to increase revenues while adding much needed additional staff. The new hires are needed by the firm, but the concern was how this would effect the cost structure … Read More

Need More Clients? Head to the Bars!

Recently, a student of and an IGNITE client of mine wanted more clients. Her bookkeeping practice is mostly focused on the legal profession. We had an IGNITE session and discussed it. We answered the following question: Where do attorneys … Read More

How to Land New Clients with Facebook

So many of us have a Facebook business page. So many of us get nothing from it. Why? Because Facebook business pages lack personality because they lack a person. If you really want to land new clients with Facebook, you … Read More

Can Your Accountant Boost Your Creativity? FORM 344EZ

Foreword by Eric David Greenspan Stefan G. Bucher is a brilliant creative human that likes to play with Monsters. He spoke at my TEDxAmericanRiviera event. He also designed our closing video to inform our 10/10/10 attendees about our 11/11/11 event. Can Your … Read More

Turning Lemons into Lemonade!

Yesterday, we attempted to upgrade our subscription software to provide some great new features to our students. It didn’t work. Instead, after we imported all of our students into the new system, they each received this email:     “Soochie” … Read More

I’m an SOB, Not a POS

I’m an SOB, but actually I’m the marketing part of SOB or While most have enjoyed our acronym, we’ve had a few emails or calls to the contrary. Naturally, I called my mother for approval. She said, “That’s silly, … Read More

2/6/15: Kashoo Simple Cloud Accounting – Friday Morning Hangout

Friday Morning Hangout Accounting and Technology with Seth David, Dean of Beans at Be sure to join us for our LIVE Weekly Hangout every Friday at 8 am PST. We will broadcast here or you may join the video hangout at This weeks … Read More

Announcing Live Chat from

To even BETTER serve our students, we have launched a live chat feature on the site. Now, you can get instant answers to your technical or administrative options. This is not for accounting questions, but we are considering something like … Read More