It’s our Birthday! is now a year old. What a year! Here’s what happened: We launched 8 courses and a few smaller courses as well; We created and launched our bookkeeper and CPA referral services; We created and launched our Video Answers; … Read More

Host a Google Hangout and Get Busy

Google does many things well and a few not so well. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of their design when it comes to products like Google+ or Google Hangouts, but until Apple launches their version of the Hangout, Google … Read More

Do Bookkeepers and Accountants Maintain a Resume?

I received a request for a bookkeeper for an LA production company for a student (a great feature of enrollment). I introduced one of our students to the client and he asked for a resume. Now I know that … Read More

Differentiation: Create a New Category

When considering building your practice, the thing that will make you stand out is differentiation. Whether you are a remote bookkeeper, a point of sale expert, a data recover guru or simply a great educator and sharer or knowledge is … Read More

When to Sue in Small Claims

I’ve been following an interesting conversation in’s Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Owners Facebook Group affectionally known as ABBO. The topic was raised by a member relating to unpaid invoices for services rendered amounting to $2,000. The member, who shall … Read More

10 Small Business Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid

10 Small Business Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’ve had a trusted bookkeeper leave you. Either way, if you’re taking a do-it-yourself approach to your bookkeeping, you’ll want to avoid the top 10 mistakes … Read More

How Will Apple Pay Effect Your Accounting Practice?

Apple Pay was announced today at Apple’s technically plagued Live Event 2014. Aside from the challenges Apple faced today with live streaming, the announcement of ApplePay will change the world IMHO. How will it effect your accounting practice? Please comment … Read More

Announcing the CPA Referral Service

Today, we are happy to announce our latest offering from the CPA Referral Service. Building on the success of our Bookkeeper Referral Service, we have listened to our peers, students and prospects that these are very different customers. So, … Read More

Affiliates Make Money in their Sleep

The Affiliates Program is an easy way to make easy money. Simply access your Affiliate account at and add your PayPal email address. Next, add your affiliate banners to your website or blog. For every link that turns … Read More

Payment Options for your Customers

There are many choices when considering which payment options for your clients. Some of those options include: Aggregate Merchants (PayPal, Square, etc.) Cash Credit Cards (Merchant Services & Payment Gateways) Electronic Funds (ACH) Mobile Payments (Swipers) Paper Checks Scanned Checks … Read More

Why is the Balance sheet so important?

How many tax professionals out there use their clients QuickBooks, or for that matter any other accounting software program file, to create the tax return? I would guess quite a few, but are you really getting the financial information correct … Read More

Why Review the Balance Sheet?

Why Review the Balance Sheet? If you are like most small business owners, you barely glace at the Balance Sheet and go straight to the Profit & Loss Statement (also known as the Income Statement). But there is a lot … Read More