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  • Facing the Crowd

    You don’t need a lot of physical possessions to be successful, produce great results, and gain social status. Everyday when you venture out into the world, you won't always have the right physical possessions but you can carry around an endless amount of confidence with you.

  • How to Never Stop Learning can always attend a regular course at a university, join a club, or self teach regularly. I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years and every other week I teach myself a new song, then practice perfecting the piece until the next two weeks. Do this habitually.

  • How to Manage Your Practice & Travel

    Imagine being able to manage your practice from anywhere; even an island in the tropics. Today, you can. As I was writing this post, I began thinking about our very own clients, none of which I've never actually met in person. I've never even met my business partners in person. Online has changed the way we do business, both for our clients and for us.

  • Systematizing Your Daily Life

    Opportunity cost comes in many different shapes and forms. Generally, opportunity cost just means choosing the better alternative. As it relates to systematizing your daily life that could mean saving you time, making you more money, helping you avoid risk all while benefiting your health. Here we give you seven tips to help you design a systemized lifestyle for reaping these benefits daily.

  • The Power of Video Calls

    Are you still talking over the phone with your clients? You can do so much more with video meetings and you can meet in your pajamas (bottoms).

  • Big Data For Sales

    “Everything publicly available online about your contact, summarized in one page, in your contact system, all at your fingertips.”

  • 10 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace

    Whenever you log on to your computer there will be an application, file, notification, and website competing for your attention. Most are specifically designed to keep you coming back for more by appealing to our emotions with some applications amassing billions of users and dozens of hours of your time. I think most people with access to the internet tend to get distracted very easily with a new post on Facebook or lost in our inbox. Let's remedy this once in for all!

  • Adding Artificial Intelligence "AI" to Your Daily Workflow

    Artificial Intelligence and bots, commonly known as "AI" are about to become even more popular. Big companies have been using chatbots for years, but the technology has matured and is helping reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Many would prefer to get a fast answer and dispense with the etiquette required by human interaction. When you have a problem, you want a solution. AI will help us get their, faster.

  • How to Fix Dates in Microsoft Excel

    I would never give dating advice, but I can tell you how to fix dates in Microsoft Excel. The question was posed in our ABBO (Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Business Owners) group on Facebook about converting bank statements to Excel files ... Read More

  • How I use and PDF2XL to get my Billing Done Fast is the application I use to manage my accounts receivable and accounts payable. One of the big draws for me was that syncs my item list. This allows me to use 2 sided items so that when a ... Read More

  • The Zero E-mail In-box Process - Part 3 - Following up with Evernote

    By now you have your In-box down to zero e-mails. It feels good doesn’t it? The last part is dealing with what we forwarded to Evernote. A long list of unscheduled To-do’s is worthless. My default notebook in Evernote is ... Read More

  • The Zero E-mail In-box Process - Part 2 - Cleaning out the Inbox

    Every Sunday I start by performing my daily Zero E-mail In-box process. Then I start going through each and every e-mail in my inbox. I open each one. If I left it there, it was for a reason. In many ... Read More

  • The Zero E-mail In-box Process - Part 1 - The Daily Process

    I’ve been asked about, this and we’ve had many discussions in our ABBO group on Facebook, about having a good process for staying on top of our e-mails and cleaning out our inbox. Not all business models require this. If ... Read More

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Cloud Practice Management - Update

    How to start and grow, and run your practice in today’s world. You want to build the BUSINES OF THE NEW WORLD. Who doesn’t right? No one wants to get left behind. No one wants to be that extinct dinosaur ... Read More

  • Be Gentle with Yourself

    Many of us know what the “law of diminishing returns” is, but we forget about this once we start a business.  For those that have forgotten…the law of diminishing returns is when we eventually reach a point that additional work ... Read More

  • 5 Tips for How to Make Your Spreadsheets Look Gorgeous

    When you are compiling information in a spreadsheet you have many formatting options available to you. All too often I see a spreadsheet filled with numbers and gridlines and I immediately dread what I am looking at. It looks like ... Read More

  • Planning the Growth of Your Business from the Numbers

    Our clients as well as we ourselves talk about doing all kinds of planning. How often do we stop to look at the numbers? Let me clarify that. How often are you planning the growth of your business from the numbers? ... Read More

  • 5 Tips for Customizing Forms and Reports in QuickBooks Online

    Go into settings and turn on custom fields. Define those custom fields. Use the custom fields on an invoice. Customize a report to include those custom fields. Show the summary on the invoice form. Go into settings and turn on ... Read More

  • How to Offer a Mind Blowing Software Training Service

    Let’s start by assuming you already know very well how to teach people. There is a definite distinction between mastering a subject and being able to explain it to others in a way that they can understand. In fact the ... Read More

  • Excel Template - Track Your Training Services

    This is a template I designed based on a thread from ABBO in which my friend Penny asked about a solution for tracking the quantity (not the dollars) of sessions her clients had left. I was able to identify with the ... Read More


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  • How to Track and Manage Inventory in Xero

    I have said for a long time that whoever gets inventory done in a cloud accounting product wins. Xero has done it. They came up with it first, and I think you will find that as with all things Xero ... Read More

  • How to Find and Recode Transactions in Xero

    Many of us are familiar with the term “Batch Reclass” from our other accounting software. Xero has introduced “Find and Recode” which is a powerful feature. Find and Recode lets you quickly find and recode transactions in Xero. In short, ... Read More

  • Why Did You Start Your Business?

    I started my business essentially on a resentment. I came to California in April of 1999 to clean up from drugs and alcohol. After completing a 6 month rehab program I started sending my resume out. The good news was ... Read More

  • How to Import Bank Transactions into Xero from a csv file

    When you first set up your bank account in Xero, especially if you’re more than a few months into the year, your transactions will not all download into the register. This depends on your bank. Some banks go back 90 ... Read More