Why astUtemy Continues to Use the Domain schoolofbookkeeping.com

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You know the phrase, “if you can’t beat em, join em?” Maybe “if you can’t beat Google, just stay the course” would be more ideal. When schoolofbookkeeping.com became astUtemy, many wondered why. They wondered if we were going to change our model and our focus. We were. We still are. But not really change; more like enhance. We’re going to continue doing exactly what we are doing but more of it and for a larger audience. This required a rebranding.

Certificates of Completion Launched at astUtemy’s schoolofbookkeeping.com

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We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our latest creation – Certificates of Completion for our Courses! Now, after you complete a course (testing is now being rolled out too), you can visit your Completed Courses page and View/Download your Certificate. It’s automatic and get one for EVERY course you complete. So, go buy some frames and get your courses complete. You’ll have a wall of achievement in your office in no time!

38 Millions Reasons to Use astUtemy ANSWERS Forums Today

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Today, we officially have relaunched astUtemy ANSWERS, our 24/7, searchable, and very useful Q&A support service. It’s included for our members and it’s currently free to the public. It’s new, again, so there is much content YET. But it will come and fast and you can help. Why help? Because you benefit too….I’m going to show you 38 Million Reasons to Use astUtemy ANSWERS Forums…ready?

Webinar Wednesday Now a Part of astUtemy

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ignitization.com was created to extend our offering with new ideas and sort of be a “test kitchen.” Some things worked and some didn’t. Pretty typical. Like X, the experimental lab at Google, tackling a problem only to fail was often … Read More

Letter Writing for Client Acquisition

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We recently did a webinar on this topic and it was a big hit! Each week our very own Webinar Wednesdays from ignitization.com (included with PRO astUtemy membership) host amazing topics that are useful to building an accounting practice or … Read More

If Not Now, When?

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If not now, when? We’ve heard this somewhere haven’t we? Was it a move line? A lyric? The illustrious David Bowie passed away yesterday and I’m pretty sure, like the day Freddie Mercury died, many flocked to YouTube to watch … Read More

Need More Clients? Head to the Bars!

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Recently, a student of schoolofbookkeeping.com and an IGNITE client of mine wanted more clients. Her bookkeeping practice is mostly focused on the legal profession. We had an IGNITE session and discussed it. We answered the following question: Where do attorneys … Read More