Maximize Your QuickBooks Connect 2017 Experience – How to Plan and Get the Most Out of Conferences

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Many go and many have a blast, learn a ton, and make new friends and contacts. Many also spend a lot of money and lose a week of work, a double whammy. When attending a conference it’s important to plan and set goals. Remember, this conference is not where you will find clients directly, rather, you’ll be hanging out mostly with your competition. Along those lines, you can still find more than just interesting conversation and new relationships.

3 Ways to Use Transaction Pro to Make More $$$$

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Transaction Pro comes in a variety of flavors. The most commonly used version is Transaction Pro Importer or affectionately known as TPI. Transaction Pro is built and run by Karen Magno and her husband, people we have come to love in the industry we share. This post will give you a few ideas on how to make more money with Transaction Pro, written by our esteemed colleague and brilliant ProAdvisor Terri Wilson.

Certificates of Completion Launched at

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We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our latest creation – Certificates of Completion for our Courses! Now, after you complete a course (testing is now being rolled out too), you can visit your Completed Courses page and View/Download your Certificate. It’s automatic and get one for EVERY course you complete. So, go buy some frames and get your courses complete. You’ll have a wall of achievement in your office in no time!

38 Millions Reasons to Use ANSWERS Forums Today

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Today, we officially have relaunched ANSWERS, our 24/7, searchable, and very useful Q&A support service. It’s included for our members and it’s currently free to the public. It’s new, again, so there is much content YET. But it will come and fast and you can help. Why help? Because you benefit too….I’m going to show you 38 Million Reasons to Use ANSWERS Forums…ready?

Announcing “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Learn it” – A New Course from

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Angela just wrote a post about How to Land Clients on Facebook. It’s a great post and she used new skills in developing it. She now uses Adobe Stock images and resizes them beautifully. But I noticed her Adobe Stock image was plain and without branding. She is great at many things, but Photoshop is not yet in her bag of tricks. So, I did a video to teach her. It’s called “How to Edit an Image with Photoshop, Add a Logo and Text and Make It Ready for your Website and Facebook.”

Letter Writing for Client Acquisition

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We recently did a webinar on this topic and it was a big hit! Each week our very own Webinar Wednesdays from (included with PRO membership) host amazing topics that are useful to building an accounting practice or … Read More

If Not Now, When?

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If not now, when? We’ve heard this somewhere haven’t we? Was it a move line? A lyric? The illustrious David Bowie passed away yesterday and I’m pretty sure, like the day Freddie Mercury died, many flocked to YouTube to watch … Read More

Need More Clients? Head to the Bars!

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Recently, a student of and an IGNITE client of mine wanted more clients. Her bookkeeping practice is mostly focused on the legal profession. We had an IGNITE session and discussed it. We answered the following question: Where do attorneys … Read More