Big Data For Sales

“Everything publicly available online about your contact, summarized in one page, in your contact system, all at your fingertips.”

This is what big data can do for any business and is especially valuable for making sales because we’ll quickly know all the ways we can contact our leads, their political leanings, music preferences, etc. As a salesperson (relationship builder) this helps me avoid pitfalls and develop a more interpersonal relationship faster.

For example, imagine a lead signs up for your newsletter, the lead goes into your mailing system and preferably your CRM next. Before the lead’s contact info is sent from your newsletter form to your mailing system and CRM, the lead is updated with complete contact information i.e. first and last name, company name, title, and yes, even their personal interests like music or sports.

When you go to follow up with your new subscriber, you see they are a basketball fan, you happen to be a basketball fan, and “coincidentally” you bring up in conversation how much you love basketball. That’s a big win for both of you because your personal interests are in alignment. When your contact knows you’re on their team, it makes it that much easier to close the deal. Best of all you’re not doing any background investigative work to find this information. It’s all automated.

What big data tools are on the market?

Tools like Clearbit and FullContact are leaders in the “data enrichment” software market. The data enrichment services typically works by using the contact’s email address to find matching contact information to build a complete online profile by scraping data from hundreds of online sources such as Facebook, Linkedin, Public Records, Twitter, and any other online site that contain matching identity related information, in order to create, a complete contact profile. They usually have +95% accuracy rate.

How can I get this working with my system?

These data enrichment services use a variety of processes to get data into your CRM, email, or marketing systems, whether it’s through a native integration or using a 3rd party integration tool like Zapier and PieSync. Give Zapier & Clearbit a try with your marketing and sales systems, both tools are free for two weeks, and you’ll quickly feel the value data enrichment tools bring to your sales calls.

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