Here’s to Immobility

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I’ve been working with accounting software for a long time. Since before the Internet. Since the time when we only had single-floppy-disk computers and CRT monitors that had only orange characters (or sometimes green). My company developed a “complete” accounting … Read More

Top 5 Bookkeeper and Accountant Pickup Lines

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We had a bit of fun during a recent day of filming. Here, Seth David illustrates that bookkeeping and accounting can be fun and bookkeepers and accountants have game. The video has been well received by our friends in the … Read More

How To Enter Payroll Into QuickBooks

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Learn how to enter payroll in Quickbooks. There’s a reason why payroll is often outsourced, but with this course from, you will learn how to enter payroll in house. How to enter payroll in QuickBooks The classic mistake that … Read More