How To Think More Clearly and Eliminate Brain Fog?

You know that feeling when you have trouble concentrating or can’t remember things, and have difficulty articulating your thoughts. This is referred to is brain fog. Many people struggle to concentrate. Especially with our world today of constant notifications and interruptions.

Big Data For Sales

“Everything publicly available online about your contact, summarized in one page, in your contact system, all at your fingertips.”

How to Travel Like a Pro

Business travel can be stressful and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to if you utilize some travel perks. Traveling for business may seem glamorous, but hectic airports, delays, the blur of different cities have a way of wearing on you over time.

How the 2018 Tax Reform Will Effect Your Clients: Is it Time to Make an Entity Change?

Participants will learn about the benefits of adding business filing services such as incorporation, LLC filings, registered agent services, and annual compliance management and filing to your existing accounting services. We’ll show you how easy it is to accomplish these services and it won’t increase your existing workload, staff, or overhead…PLUS you’ll receive an info packed session on the how the 2018 Tax Bill will affect your clients and whether it’s time for your clients to make an entity change.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Workspace

Whenever you log on to your computer there will be an application, file, notification, and website competing for your attention. Most are specifically designed to keep you coming back for more by appealing to our emotions with some applications amassing billions of users and dozens of hours of your time. I think most people with access to the internet tend to get distracted very easily with a new post on Facebook or lost in our inbox. Let’s remedy this once in for all!

Do you Struggle to Focus?

With modern technology available all day long it has become a challenge to focus on the task at hand.

Automating QuickBooks and a Few Other Things

Our company specializes in automating processes, including QuickBooks and so can yours. As a bookkeeping or tax professional, you are constantly dealing with data and data entry for your own firm and on behalf of your clients. The next time you find yourself assembling an invoice or inputting data or re-inputting data, stop for a moment and look around at the tools that exist today and consider automating these processes.

Adding Artificial Intelligence “AI” to Your Daily Workflow

Artificial Intelligence and bots, commonly known as “AI” are about to become even more popular. Big companies have been using chatbots for years, but the technology has matured and is helping reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Many would prefer to get a fast answer and dispense with the etiquette required by human interaction. When you have a problem, you want a solution. AI will help us get their, faster.

5 Things You Should Start Doing If You Want Your Business to Be Successful

Successful people do the things that others don’t want to do. Building a booming business doesn’t happen overnight. First, stop comparing yourself to others. You can’t compare your day one with someone else who is in year five. If you are not where you want to be in your business, you need to make a change. Here are some common characteristics many successful people around the world have in common.

Does “Alexa” Really Work?

We use Amazon’s Alexa at home and at work. At first, I wasn’t sure what would happen. Mom didn’t love it. The kids were using it to make funny noises. But as I am writing this, mom just said, “Alexa, set a 5 minute timer.” I smell muffins cooking. Mom has found a few ways to use this device that I’m highly confident I’d be in big trouble if I took them away.

How to Automatically Post New Content to All Social Networks Over and Over and Over

One of our favorite tools at 74 Systems and is CoSchedule. It’s an extremely powerful tool that helps small business owners share content effectively. This post will be shared automatically by CoSchedule through a Zapier Zap automation sequence that will take this post and push it out to 8 social networks when it’s published.

Is GoFundMe Tax Deductible? Maybe, If You Do It Right.

Tax deductible is often the question with GoFundMe account. You can find a more likely alternative than a personal GoFundMe account. It’s called a “Certified Charity” and many are unaware that this feature exists.

Your Cable Internet Provider is About to Hand You a MUCH Bigger Bill

Beware of your cable company right now. They are usually also your Internet provider. Recently, many Internet companies have started charging usage fees. This means that the unlimited package you signed up, no has limits. To make matters worse, if you pay an exorbitant fee to upgrade back to unlimited, you will just pay more. But, do it on time, or you will incur usage charges at far more than the new rate.

Why You Need to Start a Self-Care Routine Now

As a busy entrepreneur, self-care is not always on the agenda, but it is critically important to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. My self-care rituals often take a backseat when I get really busy. Despite my best efforts, I find … Read More

Maximize Your QuickBooks Connect 2017 Experience – How to Plan and Get the Most Out of Conferences

Many go and many have a blast, learn a ton, and make new friends and contacts. Many also spend a lot of money and lose a week of work, a double whammy. When attending a conference it’s important to plan and set goals. Remember, this conference is not where you will find clients directly, rather, you’ll be hanging out mostly with your competition. Along those lines, you can still find more than just interesting conversation and new relationships.

Are You Afraid of Your Webcam?

Have you ever watched a webinar and thought, I want to do that but I am too afraid? When you are faced with fear, you have to decide what are you willing to struggle for to succeed. When I was a kid, I was painfully shy. Talking in front of a group would lead to tears. Over the years I forced myself to do it even when my voice and hands would shake. Eventually one day it stopped. The key is when you want to overcome a fear, you have to keep doing it.

5 Easy Ways to Convert Stress Into Success

As much as we try to avoid it, stress is an increasingly regular part of our lives. It can leave us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained. We may not be able to escape it entirely, but we can learn how to … Read More

3 Ways to Use Transaction Pro to Make More $$$$

Transaction Pro comes in a variety of flavors. The most commonly used version is Transaction Pro Importer or affectionately known as TPI. Transaction Pro is built and run by Karen Magno and her husband, people we have come to love in the industry we share. This post will give you a few ideas on how to make more money with Transaction Pro, written by our esteemed colleague and brilliant ProAdvisor Terri Wilson.

5 Ways to Build Better Work Habits

Who doesn’t want to build better habits? One small habit and business goal I set this year is writing blog posts for our company. I had no problem writing for our clients but was procrastinating when it came to writing … Read More