Bootstrapping Your Bookkeeping: A Course In Google Sheets

UPDATE (4/28/14): 8 of 16 lessons now available!

We are so pleased to announce the early release of our Course 4, Bootstrapping Your Bookkeeping: A Course In Google Sheets

The road to Google Sheets is shorter than you think. You’re thinking, “but it doesn’t do what Excel does.” I know this because I thought the same thing for a long time. Then I started playing with it more and I realized down to Pivot Tables and Macros, Google Sheets has it all. So when I was recently approached by a blogger friend of mine who said this,

I am consultant. I want to start doing my taxes on my own (I just don’t make much so far) but I don’t know where to start, what program to use and what and how collect all necessary information and calculate taxes, ext. can you suggest something I can start with (program).

Then she said this,

Regarding income: I created simple excel file on Google drive with info on clients/ how much hours I worked with them/ what service I provided. I create simple invoices ( but I don’t know if I have to add some kind of tax for my consultation, so it’s 0 tax). Regarding expenses: I don’t know how to manage that, so all I did/still doing is to collect receipts (every time I purchase some device, eta that I am going to use). I don’t know anything about deductibles, etc. and on top of this: I do not have my own bank account (I have it together with my mother, checking account) and I share credit card with my mom as well). So I don’t know if I can add the expense (e.g. Purchases that I made using that credit card. Card is on my name but the primary owner of the credit card is my mom). So as you can see there is not much I have, I keep track of every $ I make (not much so far) but there is not much regarding expenses.

This got me thinking that there are probably many out there like my friend. I suggested to her that she use Google Sheets to log her expenses and thus the idea for this course was born – Bootstrapping Your Bookkeeping – A Course In Google Sheets. Catchy name, right?

I decided to make this into a full fledged course in Google Sheets so that others, even those that use accounting software can benefit by learning a whole lot of skills in Google Sheets so that accountants and bookkeepers can better serve their clients, and business owners can use this instead of Excel so they can analyze their data and have it in the cloud – easy to access and easy to share, but maybe best of all, easy to collaborate so others can get in and have a look without having to e-mail files around.

The first three lessons are aimed at people who may not have used Google Sheets before. I always like to start simple and then ramp it up as we go. I did recently see someone post in our group on Facebook that they had not realized that you can store files in Google Drive and sync to your computer just like Drop Box.

No accountant, bookkeeper, or business owner left behind

In order to ensure no one is left behind, the first 3 lessons (really 2, the first is the course overview) are going to show you (1) How To Get To Google Sheets and (2) How To Create Your Sheet. As always I talk about some other stuff along the way so even if this stuff seems way beneath your level of knowledge you still might want to check it out – besides you just never know where/when/how I am going to amuse you with my charm and wit 🙂

I’m really excited about launching this course – especially because a lot of people are asking for content on Excel. Every single person who wants to learn more Excel should be learning Google Sheets. There’s no question in my mind you have to know both and what you are going to find if you already know some Excel as you’re going through my course in Google Sheets is that the both do all the same stuff, but Google Sheets has more powerful sharing and collaboration features then MS Excel – even with Office 365.

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