Enrolled Agent

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Address: Rineyville, Kentucky 40162
First Name: Michelle R.
Last Name: Brown
Type of Work: Contract
Services Offered: Bookkeeping, Compliance, Consulting – tax, Payroll, Planning, Tax preparation, Teaching/training
Short Business Description: Professional bookkeeping and tax firm that specializes in ministerial tax returns and nonprofit bookkeeping and taxes. Now focusing on Church Compliance!
Long Business Description:

Enrolled Agent with over 25 years experience in small business bookkeeping, as well as the last 5 years doing church bookkeeping. QB Pro Advisor in both desktop and online. Specializing in ministerial tax returns, church bookkeeping, IRS and State compliance, compensation package development, Internal control procedures, and I.R.S. Representation services also available for all 50 states.

Business Phone Number: 270-506-3935
Why did you join schoolofbookkeeping.com?: To build upon my experience with more training to provide excellence to my clients.