Catching Up with Smartsheet and the Friday Morning Hangout

On Friday May 1, 2015 we had a hangout called “Looking at Smartsheet with Travis Hannon, Community Manager at Smartsheet

The hangout was one of our more popular ones to begin with. During the hour Travis was tremendous. He helped answer many questions and the result was an hour filled with many Smartsheet “how to’s.”

I would love to index every hangout we ever to so that people can find topics we discussed quickly without having to go through the entire hour to figure out where and when we discussed a particular topic. This hangout was so compelling that I felt it warranted taking the time to do it. I replayed the entire hangout and marked the various Smartsheet topics and tips discussed. There were quite a few, and I can certainly make the index available, but WAIT! There’s MORE! I already HAVE made my Smartsheet hangout topic index available right in the description of the video on YouTube. WAIT! There’s EVEN MORE! There is a little known feature on YouTube which I have employed here for my Smartsheet topic index from our hangout. By putting the # sign in front of the minutes and seconds of a topic, YouTube recognizes that and turns it into a hyperlink which when clicked will take you to that exact spot in the timeline of the video.

The index is here (so you can see the topics):

  • #00:00 AR Management – Update Requests
  • #12:00 Introducing Travis
  • #14:00 Smartsheet Community
  • #22:30 Update on AR Management – what it looks like when the client gets the e-mail.
  • #24:25 #Questions – Smartsheet Integration with Zoho CRM? Integration with Gmail?
  •      Zapier is a great way to integrate stuff with Smartsheet
  • #30:00 Smartsheet Navigation CTRL + [Arrow]
  •      You can Move a zipped row and everything goes with it
  • #32:20 Gmail integration – The Gmail Contextual Gadget (Flux Capacitor)
  •      In Help Center go to Smartsheet Integration with Google
  • #35:00 View History to see who changed what, when, and where
  • #35:35 Smartsheet Templates
  •      Basic Project with Gant Dependencies
  • #39:00 Creating and Working with Dependencies in Smartsheet
  •      Change options by clicking the little icon in the predecessor cell to “Edit Predecessors” eg – Finish to start, Finish to finish
  • #43:30 Sending Sheets in Smartsheet
  • #46:45 Where to find the Outlook integration
  • #48:40 SAAS product Integrations – how you can get the Smartsheet blog feed to push to Evernote.
  • #51:53 Formulas and the Formula template in Smartsheet
  • #54:00 How can I archive my sheets in Smartsheet?
  •      Create a template – make sure you delete the original sheet afterwards
  • #56:00 Smartsheet Labs
  • #57:15 Smartsheet Evernote integration
  • #1:01:20 Project level discussions with Smartsheet

Make sure you head on over to YouTube and click “Show More” under the video so you can access the hyperlinked index of Smartsheet topics.

Looking at Smartsheet with Travis Hannon, Community Manager at Smartsheet 

Once you are looking at the Smartsheet video directly on YouTube you will find the index as shown here:

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