Course Announcement Handling Customer Deposits and Cleaning Up Undeposited Funds

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This course on Handling Customer Deposits and Cleaning up Undeposited Funds comes directly from a question in the Answers Forum at Answers Forum

In this case I felt it warranted a mini course which is what we call a “Stand Alone” course at I have seen many cases where Customer Deposits and Cleaning up Undeposited Funds were the core issue in terms of what was blocking the QuickBooks user or client from progress. Usually when there are payments in undeposited funds and the bank accounts have been reconciled it means income was duplicated. In this case it could be the customer deposits that were duplicated.

This is an issue that comes up often. At a high level this course is for you if 1 or more of any of the following apply:

  • You want to learn how to handle customer deposits, retainers, advance payments or whatever you may call it in your industry. The use case is QuickBooks Desktop Edition.
  • You want to learn how to apply those deposits once the money has been earned. Again the use case is QuickBooks Desktop Edition. In this course I show you 3 methods for applying the customer deposits to the receivable once you bill for the actual services. I discuss which method I like the best, and then right in the middle of the lesson I change my mind about that and I explain why.
  • You want to learn how to clean up the undeposited funds account in QuickBooks. This comes up a lot – if you have a situation where there are lots of payments sitting in undeposited funds, this course will show you 2 methods for how to clean the undeposited funds account up. I discuss when it would be appropriate to use one method vs the other and why you should try to use one of the methods wherever possible over the other method for cleaning up undeposited funds.

In the last section I show you how you can digitally document your deposits using Evernote. I show some powerful Evernote tips here that I have not covered elsewhere, ever.

As an added bonus, I kept the videos long so I could show you a TON of QuickBooks tips, tricks, and hacks that will make you a much more efficient QuickBooks user. You’ll see how fast I go through things in QuickBooks and you’ll learn how you can get to be that fast.

Go from being a QuickBooks user to being a QuickBooks power user by studying this course and learning everything I have packed into.

This course is for students only. You can access the course right here:

Handling Customer Deposits and Cleaning Up Undeposited Funds

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