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  • Choose the Right QuickBooks

    by Eric Greenspan 7 Lessons in ,

    QuickBooks is designed to be easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and powerful. One of the challenges faced by users and ProAdvisors (accounting pros affiliated with Intuit) is choosing the right product for the job. Job costing, inventory, the Cloud, app integration, performance, number of users, are just a few of the choice one must make when choosing the right QuickBooks product. Payroll, QB Payments, and the list goes on. This is a Live Course. This means it will continue to grow as QuickBooks grows and changes.

  • Bookkeeping Fundamentals - The Course

    by Kathy Grosskurth 6 Lessons in ,

    It all starts with knowing the basics and terminology. Kathy Grosskurth takes us through it all. It’s a friendly course and really well done. You can’t get enough of it. Even an old pro can use this as a means ... Read More

  • How to Pass QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Certification Exams

    by Tim Adams, CPA 17 Lessons in ,

    Get ready for a great new course from to help you get your advanced certifications. Taught by a master test taker, Tim Adams got his CPA directly out of college and sat and passed all tests in the same session!NOTE: If you are concerned about the upcoming changes to the ProAdvisor Certification Exams, they have no effect on this course. We are working on “how to take the test,” not the content. If Intuit makes other changes, we’ll be sure to update the lessons, annotate or create an add-on lesson for you. You should NOT wait to watch this course. The course will help you on this test, the future test and many other tests, in general.

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2016 - Features, Functionality and Fundamentals

    by Kathy Grosskurth 15 Lessons in ,

    This course is dedicated to QuickBooks Desktop 2016 features and will showcase it’s specific functions while it teaches the fundamentals of bookkeeping. Kathy Grosskurth is an advanced certified QuickBooks Online and Desktop ProAdvisor. Her style, knowledge and approach to teaching ... Read More