Course Category: Fundamentals

  • Handling Customer Deposits and Cleaning Up Undeposited Funds

    by SOB Faculty
    4 Lessonsin

    Ready to learn? Here's what Handling Customer Deposits and Cleaning up Undeposited funds has in store for you: Learn how to capture customer deposits in QuickBooks using an invoice so you can easily track deposits by customer. See the impact on the balance sheet when you invoice for the retainer or deposit, and when you receive the money and deposit that money into the bank account through the undeposited funds account. Learn how to apply the customer deposits to the invoices when the time comes to bill for services rendered. Learn how to clean up a mess in undeposited funds. When your books have many payments in undeposited funds it means that most likely you have duplicated your income. Learn how to digitally document your deposits using Evernote with some powerful Evernote tips! Look for the QuickBooks tips, tricks and hacks - there are more than 10 tips that will have you powering through QuickBooks in half the time you're used to.

  • Understanding Your Financial Statements

    by SOB Faculty
    9 Lessonsin

    The financial statements are the ultimate output based on the bookkeeping which is the input. It is really important for bookkeepers to have this in mind when entering transactions. If you can think in terms of where your transactions will ... Read More