Microsoft Excel – Planning Your Bookkeeping Practice

Course Overview

Planning Your Bookkeeping Practice was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a bookkeeper who told me she had bought a program to help her plan her practice and figure out how she might reach a very specific financial goal. Follow these three simple lessons and you can accomplish this very thing using MS Excel & some basic formulas; nothing more complex than addition and multiplication.

The template created in this video is available for download, HOWEVER I strongly urge you to start with the blank template, follow along with the videos and create this yourself. You will get SO MUCH MORE out of this if you do it that way. Then if you need it, you can download my copy, but if you truly follow this you probably won’t need it because you’ll have your own?

Got a Masters or PhD subscription with us? Use a session to go over this template and expand upon it specifically for your practice.