Drones and Small Business, and Federal Regulation

Amazon has the technology to deliver goods using drones. Imagine what Drones and Small business could mean? Deliveries can be made within 30 minutes. Imagine being able to order something on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes? Better yet, imagine you wanted to order something for one of your clients, knowing they would have it in 30 minutes? Sounds amazing right? It’s possible. Amazon can bring it to you, but there is just one problem. Drones and small business are clearly part of the future, but will they be part of OUR future?

Federal regulators are stopping small (and big) business from substantially increasing in efficiency. In short, drones and small business would be great for our economy but our government doesn’t care. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) prohibits commercial use of drones. Amazon is therefore doing most of its R&D on this in the UK.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon was denied his request to operate an outdoor testing facility in the US. According to the Wall Street Journal he said that developing the technology was the easy part. The regulatory part is what will prove challenging . The end result? The US could be late in benefiting from the use of drones and small businesses who could substantially benefit from the efficiency lose out. 

Apparently when Bezos asked the FAA for permission to test his drones in a rural area outside of Seattle, the response from the FAA included this question, “Why granting your request would be in the public interest; that is, how would it benefit the public as a whole. What data or analysis supports Amazon’s position that aerial delivery is in the interest of the American public?”

Are these guys serious? These are the people we have in government representing our interests and that response / question alone tells me they have NO CLUE about what our interests are! Especially for small business! Drones and small business? How is this not obvious to anyone with even a fraction of their brain cells in play? The proof is already there. Drones are already being widely used in Europe by several approved companies who simply have to adhere to some safety regulations.

In the meantime if I want to purchase my own drone on Amazon and start flying it around in my own neighborhood I can do see freely with no regulation. I can use a drone as a hobbyist but drones and small business? No dice.

What should come first? Innovation or regulation? What do YOU think?

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