Closing Prospects, From One Bookkeeper to Another – Guest Host Jessica Rubenking of National Bookkeeper

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Closing new prospects is always a hot topic and often a daunting task. Jessica Rubenking of National Bookkeeper has a strong track record of closing almost everyone she meets. Her prospects come from a variety of sources. Her process is certain. Her tenacity helps. But it's Jessica's confidence, training, education, trusted advisor network and experience that affords her the ability to speak comfortably, assertively and confidently. As a result, she has a very high ratio of prospects to clients. Come and learn how Jessica does it. She's going to share her secrets. Learn how she is busy raising a family and managing a prominent bookkeeping firm nationwide. Jessica is part of the astUtemy faculty, an ABBO moderator and host, and a Ignite Program top 5% alumni. Jessica has many degrees, certifications and she never stops learning. She's currently working on her MBA in her "spare" time. She's something else. Don't miss it!
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