Why You Should Avoid “Leasing” Your Website and How to Get Website Done Now

Eric GreenspanOther

Participants learned about leased websites and learned why they should consider alternatives. Often we are tempted to take advantage of great pricing and services that seem to make sense. A website may be equally or more important than where you choose to give birth to your children, or what school they attend, or who you select as your business or life partner. Don't make this choice without understanding the facts. Leased websites are a great option for newbies and startups. Wait, did I just say that? Let me rephrase - Leased websites are a great option for newbies and startups that simply wish to exist, be ordinary and don't value their own time, their future and probably shouldn't be starting a business. There, better. Come and learn the differences between "owning" a website and "leasing" one. We'll also show you how you can have your "own" website in a couple of hours or days or weeks. It's up to you.
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