Facing the Crowd

Today and like many other days I venture out into the world with very little physical possessions and lots of confidence. I am a digital nomad traveling the world, so I live out of a backpack and move every 3-5 months paying no more than 15% on my taxes. To a lot of people this may seem like a profitable adventure, and it certainly is, however, I do spend a lot of time working at home. Only on the weekends am I able to venture out to somewhere special.

For example, this weekend I went on a trek to Cerro Mauco in Chile. Our trek team met very early in the morning and literally everyone was dressed up top to bottom with tons of hiking gear and warm clothing. It’s almost Winter here on the southern hemisphere. For me I only had a backpack with 3 litres of water, umbrella, shorts, hiking sandals, and a loose jacket. I had very little physical possessions, so I had to do with what I had on hand and exercise lots of confidence. Fortunately, Chile is very welcoming to foreigners, but I still got tons of awkward questions, stares, and cold feet, literally.

As we neared the top of the mountain things started warming up, and after we climbed up over the bed of clouds, the temperature made a big switch. All of a sudden having little to no mountain gear became a good thing, so what did I do… I pulled out my umbrella just as we would in Arizona on hot summer days. I ended up garnering lots of laughs, recognition, and respect. 

You don’t need a lot of physical possessions to be successful, produce great results, and gain social status. Everyday when you venture out into the world, you won’t always have the right physical possessions but you can carry around an endless amount of confidence with you.

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