Eric Greenspan
Chief Education Officer
Chief Clever Officer 74 Systems, home of the Ignite Program
ABBO Host, Course Author, Webinar Host, Answers Moderator, Faculty

Eric Greenspan is the father of two boys, living on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation. His passion is fierce in everything he does and you know it from the moment you meet him. Whether it’s parenting, building a company, travel, sports or whipping up the perfect Caesar salad, he commits to excellence, always. As a ferocious entrepreneur, Eric has a love for marketing, technology, organization and making things work. He loves creating mind blowing customer experiences and developing systems that get it done with as few clicks as possible. His companies operate under 74 Degrees LLC, where he is the Chief Clever Officer at 74 Systems, and Chief Education Officer at (formerly Eric absolutely loves what he does!

At 74 Systems, he helps accounting pros IGNITE their practice with marketing, workflow and innovation consulting services to help with client acquisition, sales training, pricing models, workflow management, web and social media and more. 74 Systems clients grow, fast, adding confidence, clients, skills, revenue and profits. Eric is also an insightly Hero, helping companies deploy and leverage CRM and workflow solutions.

At, Eric manages all aspects of the business and handles the company’s sales and marketing efforts, business development and technology. He hosts our weekly Webinars and writes for our blog, Too Legit To Audit.

Eric spends a lot of my time at the keyboard and in the kitchen and has over 10,000 hours at each. In his early years, he could be found on the municipal golf course in Palm Springs, California picking from plentiful lemon trees and selling lemonade on the second hole. Little did he know that this would be the start of his entrepreneurial career. He’s spent his entire adult lifetime building companies and his greatest skill is identifying unique marketing opportunities and driving customer acquisition. His latest company accumulated over 50,000 customers and most importantly, over 44,000 unique customer testimonials.

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Angela Rust
Chief of Content
Chief Opportunities Officer 74 Systems, home of the Ignite Program
ABBO Host, Answers Moderator, Faculty

My passion is helping professionals exceed their business goals through creating opportunities. I have worked in Marketing for over 15 years in various industries. My dedicated work ethic and positive energy, brings a competitive edge to our business. I have a relentless passion to ensure my clients succeed. I work diligently to assist clients in meeting their business goals and inspire them to create the life they imagine. To achieve your dreams, you have to take action.

I graduated from California Lutheran University with a BA in Business Management and I am currently in Law School at Santa Barbara Colleges of Law. I am the mother of two beautiful children. I served as Co-President of the Westlake Village Junior Women’s Club from 2013-2015 and was on the board for seven years. My community involvement and contributions to improving the lives of others has made a huge impact on my life. I believe that you get back more than you give, by helping others. As a leader, I have always placed significant value in building strength in women leaders and empowering others to utilize in their unique gifts.

We work directly with clients as their outsourced marketing team at 74systems. Most of my time is dedicated to supporting our CMO clients. In addition, I manage workflow, build websites, create content and develop social media campaigns.

I manage’s content marketing and write for our blog, To Legit To Audit. I am also a frequent guest host on our webinars, an faculty member and a moderator for Accountants, Bookkeepers and, Business Owners (ABBO) Facebook group.

I spend most of my day producing content for our company and clients. Between projects, I volunteer at my children’s school and sports teams. My family is what drives me to be the best possible me, everyday. I have a strong work life balance. This has given me a valuable perspective and advice to share with other professionals who work from home. It takes a village. When we work with others we can achieve more. Become INSPIRED, get INVOLVED, and IGNITE your life!

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Carrie Kahn
Complete Business Group
Complete Business Partner
ABBO Host, Answers Moderator, Faculty

With 20 years of experience, Carrie loves helping small business owners and their staff implement the most cost-effective and easy-to-use QuickBooks accounting solutions for their businesses. She’s passionate about providing clients with accurate, understandable, and timely accounting reports so they can comply with business requirements as well as run their businesses on a daily basis.

Carrie is the only QuickBooks expert in South Carolina that is both an Authorized Premier Intuit Reseller and an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor. What this means to you is better service, more expertise from multiple perspectives, and better pricing with access to great discounts. She holds several advanced QuickBooks certifications and qualified memberships in addition to her CPA.

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Jay Kimelman
the digital CPA
ABBO Host, Answers Moderator, Faculty

Jay prides himself on being “not your typical CPA”. While he performs all the functions of a trained and experienced CPA, he brings to the table some diverse skills including a history as a controller for a health care company, the CFO of a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and the founder and owner of his own manufacturing company.

Through these experiences, Jay understands the struggles of business owners, the importance of cash flow, and the need to make technology work for you! Jay is gifted in understanding and utilizing new and emerging hardware and software to save your business time and money.

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Lynn Mattice
Mattice Business Services
ABBO Host, Answers Moderator, Faculty

Lynn grew up in Connecticut and went to college at University of Florida. Her guidance counselor in high school told her to be an accountant or go in to computers. She wanted to be a teacher. Now she is all three.

Back in 1999 when she was a single mom of two young children, working 60 hour work weeks, Lynn decided that there had to be a better way to work, be happy and help people. She decided she needed a new boss, herself.

Lynn took the leap of faith in October 1999 and has never looked back. She’s been able to learn, teach, grow and help people. And, of course, be her own boss! This leap also showed her children that hard work and dedication with passion leads to a happy and successful business entrepreneur.

With over 35 years experience in accounting (including CPA firms), Lynn has a great understanding of accounting. She’s always been involved from the ground up, starting with the bookkeeping and payroll and reconciling.

Lynn is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with Intuit for 16 years and certified in QuickBooks Online. Her firm offers more than just bookkeeping, they provide accounting and Profit First consulting.

Mattice Business Services has helped hundreds of small to medium sized businesses over the past 16 years.  Their bookkeepers are also Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in both desktop and Online.

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Kathy Grosskurth
Bookkeeping Plain and Simple
Course Author, Answers Moderator, Faculty

Kathy Grosskurth is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® in Desktop and Online platforms. Starting out in 2005 as treasurer for a local disaster recovery group after Hurricane Dennis dumped record rains and caused catastrophic floods in South Cobb County (near Atlanta, GA), Kathy became hooked on QuickBooks® and started taking on paying clients.

Since 2016, she has focused on providing training, advisory and consulting services to clients across the country. She is also becoming the GO-TO person for file check-ups, as well as being increasingly sought after for her Bookkeeping Basics course.

Kathy’s other passion is mentoring promising bookkeeping students. She is married with two grown children (one a Nursing Student, another an Eagle Scout) and spends her free time traveling, volunteering at the local food pantry, and helps job seekers and career changers through her Cobb Career Site’s Facebook page.

Jessica Rubenking
National Bookkeeper
ABBO Host, Answers Moderator, Faculty

National Bookkeeper was built on the foundation of a true desire to help businesses reach their true potential and allow owners to get back to what they desire most: be successful. We are a family owned business with local values and morals, meaning we are honest, full of integrity, and believe in an honest days work to get the job done.

With a combined 17 years of college education (including 3 bachelors degrees’, 1 masters degree, and one in the works) and over 30 years of professional experience ranging from customer service, bookkeeping (Quickbooks ProAdvisors Certified), IT, management, administration, and more…we are confident that we have what it takes to make your business run smoother, happier, and definitely more efficiently. Business services are a passion of ours; a truly foundational love of helping others coupled with the knowledge and foresight to bring that knowledge to you and be the professional support that you need to be successful.

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Dustin Poland, CPA
Answers Moderator, Faculty

Born in Southern California, Dustin’s family later moved to Ashland, Oregon. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University, and later attended Southern Oregon University, where he earned a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting. Dustin bring a variety of experience along with him, including working at the largest local CPA firm in his area, serving as an Accounting Manager for the parent company of a large group of Continuting Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), serving as an Audit Manager for a large publicly traded automotive group, and before that as a Financial Research Associate at a financial planning firm.

Dustin is actively involved in the community, serving as Treasurer on the Board of BeeGirl, a non-profit surrounding bee conservation, and formerly on the Board as Treasurer of Ashland Little League. In addition, Dustin is the immediate Past-chair of the Southern Oregon Chapter of the Oregon Society of CPAs.

Outside of work, Dustin enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Bri, and their three boys.

Amanda Aguillard, CPA
Xero Ambassador, CEO at
ABBO Host, Faculty

Tim Adams, CPA
Slam Dunk Accounting
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Tiffany Higgins, CPA
Cloud9 Accounting
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