Frequently Asked Questions

We love self service sometimes too so we put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help make your learning experience brighter.

What’s the difference between courses, sections and lessons?

Courses are the main heading and can have multiple sections, each with multiple lessons. eg. Our Bookkeeping Fundamentals COURSE has 17 LESSONS. Bookkeepers Delight is also a course, with three sections and seven lessons.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

Absolutely and we promise never to ask why. Simply login and choose “Manage Your Account” in the Member Center. You will be able to cancel here with a click or two. If you have any problems, contact us, we are glad to help!

When do new courses and lessons come out?

All. The. Time. We are always filming, editing, updating, enhancing and sometimes, we sleep.

I lost my password. How do I recover it?

Under the login screen is an option to recover a lost password. Or in “Manage Your Account” if you are safely logged in and wish to change your password.

You guys deliver on your promise of delight…where do I submit a testimonial?

Why thank you, we certainly try! Drop us a note here.

What payment options do you accept?

Most, probably all.

Do members stay members or do we just complete the material and leave? is a community and we are always creating new content, addressing your questions, providing interaction and networking with others, referrals for work and jobs and a ton more. We find that our members never leave and we’ve set our pricing to support this, but that’s up to you.