astUtemy helps accountants, bookkeepers and business owners grow and manage your practice. For a low monthly fee, you get:

Introducing Radio Ignite Daily Podcasts

A brand new feature of astUtemy that will keep you inspired in just a few minutes a day.

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    Motivate Me Monday

    On Motivate Me Monday, we’ll get you fired you up. See you Mondays. Listen now

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    To The Top Tuesday

    On To The Top Tuesday, we will build on Monday’s idea and help you continue your weekly journey. Listen now

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    Winning Wednesday

    As Winning Wednesday rolls along, we’ll help you get over the hump to your goals. Listen now

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    Thankful Thursday

    On Thankful Thursday, let’s make sure to enjoy the ride. If not, this will help you get back on track. Listen now

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    Free Friday

    All Radio Ignite Daily Podcasts on Free Friday are free to the public. Enroll to get the rest of the week. Listen now

Courses on stuff you want to know

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    New content always flowing

    astUtemy content includes some fundamentals, but we also have fresh, new material. We never stop creating.

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    Learn / refresh your knowledge

    Things change, information changes, keep up with it. We’ll help.

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    Build your skills and your confidence

    With knowledge comes confidence, new skills and more income.

Live weekly Webinars on fresh and useful topics

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    Exciting new topics weekly

    We cover everything in the industry and business.

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    Guest speakers

    From time to time we have some amazing people on with us to share their story.

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    Every event is recorded for 24/7 unlimited viewing

    If you miss an event, no problem…catch it later in the library.

Workshops that help you get stuff done

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    Bleeding edge topics

    We’re only focusing on topics that are issues we face today and of interest right now.

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    You'll leave the event with results

    Our goal with workshops is to have you leave with a new skill and maybe even a template, plan or set of instructions.

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    It's like having a tutor in your office

    The engaging format and hands on environment of our workshops will leave you wanting more. We’ll make sure to keep them coming!


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