Be Gentle with Yourself

Many of us know what the “law of diminishing returns” is, but we forget about this once we start a business.  For those that have forgotten…the law of diminishing returns is when we eventually reach a point that additional work … Read More

I’m an SOB, Not a POS

I’m an SOB, but actually I’m the marketing part of SOB or While most have enjoyed our acronym, we’ve had a few emails or calls to the contrary. Naturally, I called my mother for approval. She said, “That’s silly, … Read More

Top 5 Worst Accountant Pickup Lines

After producing our video Top 5 Bookkeeper Pickup Lines, we met the folks at TSheets and what happened next, was absolutely “too legit to audit!” Here’s their: Top 5 WORST Accountant Pickup Lines

Top 5 Bookkeeper and Accountant Pickup Lines

We had a bit of fun during a recent day of filming. Here, Seth David illustrates that bookkeeping and accounting can be fun and bookkeepers and accountants have game. The video has been well received by our friends in the … Read More