Get Off Your Calendar While Others Get On

Now that you have your clients paying deposits or retainers you’re going to want a seamless way for them to get on your calendar and schedule appointments with you. Seamless means without having to send 16 e-mails back and forth to find a mutually convenient hour. This is another thing I was tired of, so I had to search out a solution. Otherwise every time someone signed up for a session with me online I would have to do that e-mail dance to find a mutually convenient time. Right around this time someone e-mailed me a link so I could go look at their calendar online and schedule a time with them. That was it! Just what I needed. So I made the appointment and then immediately signed up for an account of my own.

I still use the same system. It’s called TimeTrade. You link it to your calendar (I use Google Calendar) and then you set up appointments on Timetrade. You can set up different schedules and have them all linked to the same calendar. As people take appointments they sync to your calendar and you also get an e-mail confirmation. I always forward this confirmation to Evernote so that I can take notes during the meeting on that confirmation. This helps give me important context.

There are times when I want to reserve time for myself, or for some reason I just don’t want anyone getting on my calendar at a particular time. All I have to do is add an appointment on my Google Calendar and within seconds that syncs to Timetrade. Problem solved!

If your website is hosted with wordpress there are many plugins now that will also let you do this. Just search for them.

This has taken so much admin time out of my hands. Now I have my different calendars bookmarked (eg 30 minute apt, 1.5 hour, etc..) and all I have to do when someone wants to schedule time with me is send them the link. It’s easier for them too. They can look at my calendar, figure out what works and book it. Then we both get confirmations and the appointment gets on our respective calendars.

These days we move so fast and we’re getting so much done in so much less time that anything we can do to cut down on the time we spend going back and forth on e-mails or even getting on the phone can make a huge difference. It all adds up and this is an easy one.

When people sign up on my site they get access to a page with a link to my Timetrade calendar. Only people who are logged in, signed up, and paid can access this. Otherwise I would have random people just coming on the site and booking time with me.

Find an app that works for you and fits your budget so that people can easily get on your calendar without having to send tons of e-mails. It will save time and free you up to focus on more interesting things.

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