Here’s Your Notification about Xero Notifications

Here’s what’s happening at Xero this week. Xero Notifications and more.

Xero Notifications just got better. Now you can expect rich media in your Xero notifications. This comes on the heels of the latest release of Quotes in Xero.

But wait! There’s more.

Have you been keeping up? In addition to Xero notifications, Xero is releasing Payroll. Last week Xero released Payroll for New York. Payroll in Xero is completely integrated. No importing, no syncing, it’s all right there. All e-filing services are also available in Xero.

Payroll is now available in Xero for the following states:

  • California (Efile & Epay)
  • Florida (Efile & Epay)
  • Texas (Efile & Epay)
  • New York (Efile & Epay)
  • New Jersey (Efile & Epay Coming soon)
  • Utah (Efile & Epay Coming soon)
  • Virginia (Efile & Epay Coming soon)

Maybe we’ll get Xero notifications about new states as the are rolled out?

2014 was a big year for Xero with over 400 releases.

In December, “repeating Journals” were released. Earlier in 2014 Xero released a Square integration, the android app, Practice Manager, and much more. You can see a nice info graphic summarizing the 2014 releases here:

But that was SO LAST YEAR!

Let’s see what Xero 2015 looks like so far. We have Quotes and now the newest release is the new rich media Xero notifications.

Xerocon is happening in London now and so far they’ve announced a few interesting things which I will cover here at as the information becomes available.

In the next 90 days here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Find & Recode (like search and replace for your accounting data) and batch re-class.
  • Global Search
  • Inventory
  • Online Quotes
  • Side by side file attachments on document create
  • Business Performance Dashboard.

Oh, but wait!.. There’s MORE!

On February 10, 2105 Xero pre-announced that payroll will be available in the UK in April, 2015. They’ll also be getting Find and Recode as well as Global Search..Check out Day 1 of Xerocon London for some fun and interesting information! Then check out Day 2 of Xerocon for more.

A little more about the new Xero notifications release.

This is a new framework which will deliver important information about what’s happening from within the application. Xero notifications includes new feature updates so you know what to look for and when. You’ll be kept up to date (while you sleep) about more updates that Xero is working on to automate as much as possible leaving you and/or your accountant to focus on the more interesting and value added tasks like strategic planning.

You will now receive Xero notifications about things like when your bank feeds have been set up successfully. The biggest highlight of Xero notifications is that you will not often have to click over somewhere to get the full story. It will all be right there IN the Xero notifications area whether by video or image, or just a quick update to let you know that breakfast is served. OK I may be pushing it about the breakfast thing. Oh and don’t worry, Xero notifications respects your ADD tendencies – they’ll be adding ways for you to control what you’re notified about so that the little red distraction up at the top right only appears when it’s something that’s important to you.

Hang on.. there’s EVEN MORE!

A few other interesting things besides Xero notifications in this release. Some of you may have really jumped on the Quotes band wagon. Xero has added Quotes search so that you can easily find a quote that you made among the 1,000 you made last week! You can also copy a quote to a PO (Purchase Order) or a Bill.

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