How Being a Nicer Person will Make you More Successful

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Happiness is a choice. It is not always easy. Many people think that it is easy to be happy when you are successful. While you naturally feel happy when your career, relationships, finances are all going well, gratitude is the key factor in achieving success. There is no need to step on others to get to the top. Learn how becoming a nicer person will make you stronger in business and more successful.


I have been fortunate to surround myself with people who are positive and inspire me to be a better person. My fiance, Eric Greenspan inspires me more than anyone I have ever met. His outlook on life is incomparable, and I learn something from him every day. Energy is contagious. Naturally, he started the Ignite Program. Being around his energy gets me going when I am not feeling it on my own. We don’t have to fake it or be happy all the time, but we do have a choice. We can always choose to look at any situation from a positive place. It takes as much effort to be negative as it does positive.


Opportunities, relationships, and money will flow when you learn to be grateful no matter what happens in your life. If you are struggling to find anything positive in your life try to do something that you enjoy to stimulate your mind. To choose gratitude, we need to put in the effort into practicing this skill. It takes a conscious effort to be grateful.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.” – Tony Robbins


Everyone likes to be around positive people. We enjoy doing business with nice people who you connect with. It is important to your success in business to be genuine and nice. Many have thought that you have to be cutthroat in business to get ahead. That is not the case. People respond well to someone who is both kind and honest. Being a nice person has to come from the heart to be perceived as genuine.


Where your focus goes, your energy flows. This means your brain sees and feels whatever you focus on. If you are focusing on negative thoughts and feelings that will become your reality. How you think, positive or negative, will manifest in your life. Always try to find the positive aspects of every situation or challenge. Even when it feels unfair. Read more ways to develop the discipline to succeed.

When you begin to change the lens you use to view the world, and you come from a place of gratitude, you start to see the things differently. The best way to become an effective leader is to be the most honest and genuine person in the room.

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