How I use and PDF2XL to get my Billing Done Fast is the application I use to manage my accounts receivable and accounts payable. One of the big draws for me was that syncs my item list. This allows me to use 2 sided items so that when a bill comes into, I can enter it, using the items, and job cost it. Then when I sync that information to QuickBooks, I can get my billing done in a click or three.

One of the challenges I have had with this is that I need to copy the descriptions from the PDF into the data entry fields in I like to make sure we have detailed descriptions on my invoices, so that when the client gets the bill, there is rarely a question about the work we completed, and why it took however long it took. Some PDFs that I get are pretty clean, so I can download the PDF from by clicking “Open Document.” The PDF will download to my, “downloads” folder, and from there I can open it, and copy and paste the description from the document, into the description area in the data entry dialogue. The problem with this is that some PDFs don’t copy very clean at all.

It was taking longer than I wanted it to, and I told myself there had to be a better way. As you’ll see in the video, I have Nitro PDF, which does have an Excel conversion tool, but even there, the results were inconsistent. I needed something that will always work.

Enter PDF2XL. When you install the PDF2XL application, it will show up as one of the programs you can open up a PDF file with. Right click the document from your windows folder, and choose to open it with PDF2XL. You only need the area that has the details – date, description, quantity, rate, and amount. As you’ll see in the video, it takes a second to get the table selected, adjust the output so that your rows show up in line, and convert.

Once the PDF is converted to an Excel file, you are ready to go back to and finish the data entry. You can copy and paste your descriptions right from Excel to the data entry dialogue in When I’m not slowing down to explain everything, the process of entering a single invoice, whether it has one line or ten, is about 60 seconds.

When you complete the data entry in, you sync the data back to QuickBooks (desktop or online) in a click. Now we’re ready to do our billing in QuickBooks. You’re about to see how in basically 3 clicks, your invoices are done.

After you sync your data back to Quickbooks, run and Unbilled Costs by Job Report. This will show you which clients now have costs to be billed back. The process from here is super-fast. Open a new invoice, choose the customer, click to add time/costs, click the items tab, click select all, click save and close.

That is the actual process. Now this assumes you have the right billing rates and / or price levels set up in QuickBooks desktop. As long as you do, that is as fast as the process is from here. I can process 20 or so invoices within an hour this way – that’s both the A/P and the A/R side.

Watch the video and as always post your comments and questions wherever you’re seeing this.

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