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Google Hangouts On Air has been around for a while and I am pretty sure it has gotten more confusing over time. I published an e-book called, “How To Use Google Plus Hangouts On Air For Business” back in March, 2013. Much of this still applies. Some of it looks very different by now.

From the beginning Google has been pretty hard core about ensuring that no one had a profile with a name other than their own. They made it clear that they did not want people creating profiles for their business before the business pages were out.

Once the pages were out, and later Hangouts On Air were made available to everyone, they started merging YouTube with Google Plus. You had to link a “business” branded YouTube channel with a Page on Google Plus and you had to link a personally branded YouTube Channel with a personal profile on Google Plus.

In the process I know for me I had to Link a YouTube channel that was tied to a Gmail account with a page on Google Plus, but when I created my Google Apps for Business account for Nerd Enterprises, Inc. I had to create a new YouTube channel for THAT. Although the most logical thing would be for me to be able to take the YouTube channel that was linked to [email protected] and move that to my Google Apps Account for Nerd Enterprises there was no way to do that. Well I wasn’t about to leave 100’s of videos and thousands of subscribers behind so I kept using that channel. Now I have about 6 different Google Plus profiles and YouTube channels.

Fortunately by the time Eric and I started all of these changes had been made so here we have it nice and clean. With Google Apps for business we each get our own YouTube channel that we can use as individuals who work for Right now we aren’t using those and it’s entirely possible we never will. Then we have the company page for on Google Plus. That page is associated with the YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile back at the Nerd Cave each week I hold a weekly hangout on Google Plus. Earlier this year we moved it from the Nerd channel to the “SOB” channel. The video here walks you through a bit more about how these Google accounts work and most importantly, how to make sure you can access our weekly open session on Google Plus.

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