How to Change Default Number Formats in QuickBooks Online

The question was asked, “How do I change the default number formats in QuickBooks Online?”

This is a great question, and it’s important. Some of us are particular about how we like to see numbers formatted on reports, especially negative numbers. You can easily customize the number formats in QuickBooks online for any individual report. That’s in the customize report settings. Then you can save those customizations which means memorizing the report. This is great but if you are going to have to change those settings on every report you run, that can get annoying. So how can you change default number formats in QuickBooks Online – on a global basis?

The answer is that it depends on which Company settings interface you have. QuickBooks Online is rolling out a new settings interface and as far as I can tell in the newer one you no longer have the option of changing the default number formats in QuickBooks Online. In fact you have a very simple drop down with choices that don’t make any sense to me (to be very honest):

New Company Settings in QBO

I am not sure why anyone would want either of the 2nd two options and it would sure be nice to have the old options back for how to change default numbers in QuickBooks Online. Perhaps that will happen. In the meantime..

Hopefully you still have the old settings interface. Especially if changing the default number formats in QuickBooks online is important to you. In the old settings interface the options are right there in company settings under reports. As you’ll see, you have several different options in terms of how you can format numbers on reports. Then if you have one particular report that you want to use a different format on, you can change that individual report’s settings and save those customizations as described above. As always my video here will show you exactly how to change default number formats in QuickBooks Online.

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