How to Find and Recode Transactions in Xero

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Many of us are familiar with the term “Batch Reclass” from our other accounting software. Xero has introduced “Find and Recode” which is a powerful feature. Find and Recode lets you quickly find and recode transactions in Xero. In short, you run a search with many options for what you can search on. Xero runs your query and then gives you a list with checkboxes and of course the ability to sort by the columns. This allows you to quickly find and recode transactions in Xero by selecting the ones you want to change, and then changing them either via journal entry or by changing the source transactions. You can only change to one set of destination criteria at once. For example in the video here you’ll see that I am changing a set of 9 transactions from one account to another. When you find and recode transactions in Xero you can change the account, the name, and the tax code. You can also change tracking codes of you are using those.

The best way to learn how to find and recode transactions in Xero is to use the demo company. In fact use what we went over in my last post on importing banking transactions in Xero to import a series of transactions into the demo company. Then find and recode transactions in Xero by moving them into another account, or changing the names etc.. I am sure once you play around with the find and recode transactions feature you will find it’s easy and it makes a lot of sense.

Find and Recode is one of several recently added features in Xero. Stay tuned because we have more great content coming on Xero. As always if you have any questions on how to find and recode transactions in Xero please post them in the comments below.

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