How to Get Exposed to 50,000 Potential New Clients Every Month

When I wrote “If I Started My Bookkeeping Consulting Business Today, What Would I Do Differently to Streamline my Success?” I promised that I would follow up with something about how I managed to keep my home after losing half my annual revenue. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, but here’s what saved me and here’s how you can do what I did while getting exposed to 50,000 Potential New Clients.


OK ok! I know you know. So I’ll explain. As I’m sure you well know I was already in the habit of producing a ton of content. I never stopped, and I still won’t stop especially because that is what saved me. That content worked to bring in the calls and I kept it coming to build the momentum.

If Content is king then the audience must be queen!

Assuming you are now producing a ton of content (and I hope you are, even if it means getting up an hour earlier each day) then the next thing you have to do is get that content in front of people?

As the title suggests I am about to show you how you can expose your content to a community which according to my very reliable sources is growing by approximately 50,000 new users per month. So that is very specifically how you can get exposed to 50,000 Potential New Clients Every Month.

Does that interest you? It should! The process is simple. Now that you are creating valuable content, and tons of it about various topics, much of which likely relates to QuickBooks it’s a matter of going out there and marrying the king to the queen.

In other words..

Go answer questions. You want exposure to your target market, right? Sure you can hang around some of the Linkedin groups. Many of them have several thousand members so it’s great exposure right? I have yet to see any Linkedin groups with north of 50,000 users, much less 50,000 new users per month!

I’d say hop on over to and get your profile set up.

If you answer enough questions and get good feedback from the people who’ve asked them, you get rewarded and eventually you could get “All Star Status” like I’ve got. This is another benefit that you cannot get from any Linkedin group – getting recognition from the Intuit community.

I’ll be very transparent about this. I did not get All Star status from answering a lot of questions. As you can see I have only answered 20. Mine came from the fact that I am one of the Intuit VIP Global Influencers. This will change. I am going to live up to the designation by making the commitment to answering one question per day. I might miss a day here and there.

If you can answer just one question per day then you will get repeated opportunities to expose people to your knowledge. Remember the idea here is to provide answers to questions using your content where and when possible. If necessary you go write the content. Then answer the questions and link to your post. You can also embed videos directly in your response.

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So there you have it. Having a ton of content and the momentum that comes with having it is how I was able to re-build my business in time to save my house. I didn’t pay my mortgage for a year, and I have gotten more of an education than I ever wanted to into our banking and specifically home loan system. I’m happy to say that I am back to paying my mortgage for over a year now and despite the struggles, I wouldn’t trade the experience. It’s made me that much more hungry for success.

In the words of Rage Against The Machine..

“Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long.”

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