How to Never Stop Learning

Everyday I login to Slack and I see quotes from Eric – he customizes these when I login. The one that always stands out to me is,  “Never stop learning”. But how do you do this “Never stop learning” thing?

What’s the best way to maintain a life with a continuous, positive learning experience?

Also, what should you fill your head with? What goes in comes out, right?

There will always be things to stimulate your mind and keep you busy such as TV, games on your phone, reading fiction, gossiping, etc. Ask yourself, does this put me out of my comfort zone? and provide the value I am most hungry for? I believe most people are highly intelligent and adaptive, so if you’re watching TV, playing games on your phone, reading fiction, etc. the learning curve is too flat. You get the picture within less than a minute. Whereas learning advanced programming or dancing the tango maybe a bit too steep and you can’t always practice learning these subjects when you’re waiting in line at the DMV. Those are moments that make up a lot of our time in life, and many people, I think, look at this as wasted time or frustration, but it doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t need to be glued to your phone yearning for some sort of stimulation to take you out of that “unwanted” place in life.

For me I carry around a little book on learning Spanish and a hacky sack. You know those little bags filled with beads you kick up and down. I enjoy this learning this activity because it’s terribly challenging while increasing my foot eye coordination and balance, which is great for when I train self defense, play sports, or go out dancing. And yes of course learning Spanish is great as it opens the doors to talking to almost a billion more people, business opportunities, and preparing your mind for learning other latin-based languages. Both compliment other areas of interest.

This week I was at the airport traveling to Chile to enjoy the cool 74 degree weather by the sea, fast fiber optic WIFI, and put myself into an environment where I must practice Spanish everyday. You’re environment forces you to adapt and learn. At the airport while waiting for my flight, I play hacky sack and practice my Spanish by reading my book and making new friends. Everyday when I walk to the office I read my Spanish book. I carry these things with me all the time in my pocket because they are so small and you always have an opportunity to practice learning everywhere you go. Yes, you can learn on your device too. However, I recommend tuning out all the alerts and ads before doing so, in order to keep you laser focused on learning.

Lastly, you can always attend a regular course at a university, join a club, or self teach regularly. I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years and every other week I teach myself a new song, then practice perfecting the piece until the next two weeks. Do this habitually. They are not easy compositions either, so I am constantly moving out of my comfort zone. This activity is the most important to me as it not only gives you all the unique benefits playing music has to offer, it brings very positive, potent social interactions to all my family and friends nearby. If you can pick a topic that involves socializing, I highly recommend it as everyone will benefit allowing you to maintain a continuous, positive learning experience for the rest of your life.

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