How to Offer a Mind Blowing Software Training Service

Let’s start by assuming you already know very well how to teach people. There is a definite distinction between mastering a subject and being able to explain it to others in a way that they can understand. In fact the more we become experts at something, the harder it can be to explain it. The reason it can be difficult for a master to explain the subject matter that they have mastered is that they speak in technical terms. The master understands their topic so well, and they get so excited about it, that they lose sight of the fact that their audience does not understand the topic, and the technical terms nearly was well as they do. Having this in mind is the core of what distinguishes someone who can offer a mind blowing software training service and someone who cannot. To be a master trainer you must know how to explain things in terms your audience can understand. In most cases, this means non-technical terms.

The result is that the audience (or the students) get that the instructor knows their topic really well, but the students don’t understand a word of what they instructor is talking about. There are some other things I’d like to show you about how to deliver a mind blowing software training service.

In order to deliver a mind blowing software training service, a really good trainer knows how to take the subject matter which they have mastered and break it down into terms that someone who is not an expert can understand. Then you build them up, teaching them the technical terms along the way so that they too can master the subject matter.

Assuming we’re past all of that, what MORE can one do in order to ensure they’re delivering a mind blowing software training service?

  1. Listen
  2. Offer the training on a 1:1 or one on a few basis (ie one company).
  3. Record the session.
  4. Give them a platform through which they can communicate with you directly afterwards.
  5. Tracking – Give them a way to always know where they are at in terms of your session plans.


Listening is the most important skill in any service. If you want to deliver a mind blowing software training service, then it’s even more important. This sounds obvious, but it isn’t. As masters in our trade there’s a tendency to think we know what they need better than they do. Usually we’re wrong. I recently had a bookkeeping trainee explain that she wanted to prepare a list of interview questions for incoming bookkeeping clients. I haven’t responded yet, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. It will tend us toward leading the conversation. I think it’s better to not have a plan at all until the customer has had a chance to explain where their pain points are. Then you customize the plan and ask your questions based on that. That’s how you deliver a mind blowing software training service- by making it personal and making it all about them. Don’t assume you know what their needs are because you may be jumping to conclusions without having all of the information. I’ve done this, and it stings when it becomes apparent that you didn’t give them a chance to explain. This is especially true when you realize that your guidance would have been mis-guided, had they not forced the issue.

When it comes to delivering a mind blowing software training service, ask them to explain why they came to you. Then bite your tongue and don’t say a word until they’ve completely finished. Meanwhile grab an Evernote note and take notes. Then once you’ve heard the entire problem, you can begin to formulate the solution. It is very likely that you will need to ask questions to get clarification on things before you can really develop that solution. Done this way, your mind blowing software training service will be just that, because you listened and you tailored your training just for them.

The golden rule is that if they are talking, you are not. If they interrupt you, clam up and let them go. The more information they give you, the better prepared you are to help them. They will also see this and it will inspire a lot more confidence that you are really listening and helping them. Most importantly make sure you are paying attention to them. Don’t sit there forming your next response. If you do that then it means you’re not hearing a word they’re saying. Taking notes will help force you to stay focused on them, instead of you. That is the stuff of a truly mind blowing software training service!

Offer the training on a 1:1 or one on a few basis (ie one company)

It’s tempting to want to train in large groups. You can do webinars, or even hold a conference. You might like to do it in person. Those are all great ideas, but they all lack the same important ingredient. Intimacy. What I mean by that is that in a group setting you can only go so deep. People can’t ask questions aimed at their own specific use cases because they will not want to reveal that kind of information in a group setting. This is especially true if the others in attendance are perceived as potential competitors. In a 1:1 setting or where the only attendees are all from the same company looking to solve the same problem, it’s a safe place for them to go deep with you. You can do a much more effective job of solving their problems this way. And you can charge more. THAT is what makes it a mind blowing software training service experience!

Record the session

Another amazing way to deliver a mind blowing software training service is to record your sessions. Your audience can only retain so much. When I offer my training I record the session (video and audio) so that I can provide with the recording afterwards. This accomplishes a few important things. First, during the live session they can stay much more focused with me. No need to take notes. Stay engaged and ask lots of questions to get the most out of the live session. Then they can take notes the second time when they watch the replay. This alone will increase retention tremendously. I would love to give you stats on this, but I don’t have them. At this point it’s just my own common sense and experience.

Give them a platform through which they can communicate with you directly afterwards.

This is an easy way to add a TON of value to your mind blowing software training service. For anyone who signs up for more than let’s say 1.5 hours with you, they get their own portal through which they can interact with you. There are many very inexpensive sites out there that you can use for this purpose. I use Activecollab. It’s a project management program, but it works great for this because you have a notebooks area and other great features that make it easy for you to work with your clients and give them a place where they can go to communicate with you.

Here’s a short video that highlights how this works:

Tracking – Give them a way to always know where they are at in terms of your session plans.

This may be the most important one. At the end of the day when you’re getting paid for training packages you need a way to quickly look up how much time or how many sessions a client has left with you. This is not only a great service when you can get back to them quickly with this information, but it also serves as a selling tool. When they’re sessions are running low you can keep an eye on that and let them know it’s time to re-load sessions. Now you have a mind blowing software training service that sells more sessions.

I created a template that makes it ridiculously easy to track your sessions for your mind blowing software training service. It’s available to all scholars of SOB in the Excel Templates area of the site.

Here’s a video that tells the story of how I was inspired to create the template and then shows you how it works:

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