How To Run A Monthly Sales Report by Customer In QuickBooks Online

Today I received an e-mail from a client who gets recurring sales from his customers. He was hoping he could run a report that shows all of the recurring transactions. The first place we went was into that part of QuickBooks Online that shows all of the recurring transactions he has set up. The problem is there is no way to export this. He wanted to see the recurring transactions so he could run projections. After a few seconds it hit me. Just run a Monthly Sales Report By Customer in QuickBooks Online and that should give him what he needs.

The video here shows you exactly how to run it. This comes in very handy when you have recurring sales and you want to plan and project your cash flow in Microsoft Excel.

For those who like to read, here are the steps for how to run the Monthly Sales Report by Customer in QuickBooks Online:

On the left hand sidebar click “Reports.”

The click “All Reports” this is across the top of all of the reports.

Then click “Review Sales”

Then Sales By Customer Summary.

Make sure you have the right date range set on the report. The default will be this month to date. You will likely want to run it for this year to date so that when you get the month-to-month comparison laid out you will have something to look at.

Finally click the “Customize” button at the top of your sales by customer summary report.

A pop up will appear that says, “Customize Sales by Customer Summary.” Not too far down you will see a drop down where it says Rows/Columns. Click that and change it from “Total Only” to “Months.”

The click “Run Report” and in less than 10 seconds (I hope) you will be looking at your Monthly Sales Report by Customer in QuickBooks Online.




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